Sunday, June 10, 2012

Elinor Goes To War

Elinor really wanted to go to camp this summer.  Any kind of camp.  She'd happily go to Cub Scout day camp if that was an option.  But alas.
Her wish came true when we signed her up for a 3-day history camp at Camp Floyd State Park.
We found out about the camp from her good friend, Enoch, who is pictured here with her.   Sadly, Elinor was Confederate and Enoch was Union.  The Civil War was like that-- friend against friend, brother against brother.  
They set up their own camp, got cap-rifles, hats, haversacks and a canteen.  They even got paid for their three days in the Army and could spend their pay at the commissary.  She was on cloud nine.  We always knew she craved adventure.
On the last day families were invited to come and watch the final battle. 
And there were casualties.
Including my darling-dearest.
At least she had a good dramatic death and her side won the battle in the end.
I'm not a big connoisseur of summer camps, but I'd say this one was pretty awesome.  And now Elinor can check one more thing off her bucket-list.
And here is the EVIL Cannon with his weapon of choice.

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