Sunday, June 24, 2012

Midnight Blog

Today was a hot, windy day in the valley so Abe took these four kids up Big Cottonwood Canyon for a hike in cooler temperatures.  The whole family would have gone, but due to some car troubles with the van we could only send as many people as would fit into Abe's car.  More on that later.
The trip up the canyon involved quite a bit more excitement than Abe expected.  His car died on him about 3/4 of the way up.  They ended up parking it on the side of the road and finding a nearby trail to explore while the car cooled down.  
They enjoyed cooling off their toes in the creek.
They discovered an area a little ways off the road they dubbed "Fox Hideout". 
When they headed back to the car their prayers were answered and the they were able to start the car and make it back home.  Barely.

As soon as they got home Abe and I went to the car fix-it place to pick up our van.  Our dash board panels were wigging out on us this week and we'd been driving around with a non-functioning speedometer and no turn signals.  How exciting.  We were so happy to have more prayers answered that the repairs were very minimal and very cheap.  Hooray!  Especially since Abe's car now needs some repairs.  Oh well.

I don't think I've officially announced it on my blog yet, but I have registered for and am diligently training for a marathon at the end of September.  This morning I needed to do 11 miles.  But when I went to bed last night I wasn't feeling that great.  We've had a few sickies at our house lately and I was afraid the yuckies had caught up with me.  BUT I HAVE A TRAINING SCHEDULE I MUST STICK TO IT!!! So Abe and I headed out this morning.  Abe did the first 2.5 with me and then I continued on.  I felt surprisingly good until mile 8 and then I called Abe, "Houston, we have a problem."
My tummy was not happy.  Abe rescued me and took me to a little ladies room.  I walked home from there.  I ended up logging almost 12 miles.  But there was a price to pay and I have been moving in slow motion for the rest of the day and not feeling so well.  This afternoon while Abe took the kids hiking, Bethany played at a friend's house, and George and I napped. 

While I napped I dreamed that I took myself to the hospital and told them I wasn't feeling well.  Truthfully, I exaggerated my condition to the medical people because I wanted them to admit me.  They did admit me and as I lay exhausted on my medical bed they gave me an IV because I was dehydrated and they gave me medicine to make me really tired so I could rest peacefully. 

As twisted as that dream may sound it helped me relax for a nap in the middle of the day and it was perhaps the loveliest nap of my life.  Ahh.

Elinor had her belt ceremony for Tae Kwon Do today in conjunction with the annual TKD picnic.  It was great fun and she is now a senior green belt. 
There was a little creek nearby the TKD picnic and of course the reptile whisperer found this little beauty.  Just what we need.
We got some free passes to Seven Peaks water park that we used this week.  The kids had fun.  But if I never have to go to another water park for the rest of my life I will not miss it.  I just don't like water parks.  This one in particular was SO CROWDED!  The wave pool was a mass of humanity.  The lines were long and the rides were short.  I am not terribly impressed with water slides-- it's not like rides at amusement parks that are at least some feat of engineering to marvel at.  Water slides are no more than plastic, water, and gravity.  And last but not least-- too much flesh exhibited for my taste.  I don't want to see that many people and I don't want to see that much of each person.
Here's another looksie at my new pixie-do.  CRAZY!  But I think I like it.  I'm liking it more and more each day-- just such a huge change.  This much I will say, when I go running I don't care if it looks good or not-- IT FEELS HEAVENLY!!!!!  And it is so quick and easy to do. 
I hope I don't frighten the primary children tomorrow at church!


Abe Fox said...

HAPPY 15th ANNIVERSARY, officially!!!

Inspiration Station said...

That's awesome you're training for a marathon! Wish I had been there to see you at 7 peaks and your cute new haircut. G. said he ran into you there. Would you like to get together this summer?

Gabrielle Kim said...

Boo to car troubles! I agree completely with you about the water parks. I have officially decided to live vicariously through you in regards to your running - I hope you don't mind!

Marj said...

It looks fantastic!