Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Not-So-Photogenic Fathers and Sons Campout

As I looked through the pictures that Abe took at the Fathers and Sons camp-out, I thought about two things. 
1.  I love these boys.
2.  Cannon is going through a very non-photogenic stage.  I'm not concerned as I am sure it will pass.  Bethany takes beautiful pictures now, but she went through a serious "Bride of Chuckie" phase.
The Sunbeam buddies.
I'm telling you, every single picture.
Such a handsome little dude, but it's just not coming across here. I'll tell you what is coming across-- a sincere desire to use the restroom. 
Sorry, I shouldn't have gone there.
Alright, I'll move on to something else.
Okay, I really was going to go on to a new subject, but then I noticed Cannon in this picture.
It just so happens that the camp-out this year was located very near Clark's all time favorite reptile hunting grounds-- Red Ledges. 
Clark caught six lizards.  That's respectable--not remarkable-- but respectable.
Of course, that also means we are the proud new owners of six lizards in our home.  I'm just glad he didn't catch another snake.  We still have the one he caught 3 years ago at Red Ledges.
I think morning face is an improvement-- what do you think?
"Don't worry, Mom-- I'll grow out of it!"

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Mothership said...

Hahahahahaha!!! Thank you for sharing. That was the best. . . every single one. :)

We found two snakes in our backyard last night. I tell the kids to leave them alone because I'd rather have them than the things snakes eat. They are happy to comply, but I'm sure Clark would have none of that! :)