Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Python in the Cupboard

Do you remember the snake I showed you yesterday?
Clark caught it at a park yesterday.  Here's a refresher in case you missed it or forgot it or have tried to block out the unpleasant image from your mind.
Clark came up with a very appropriate name for this little beauty-- "Fugitive".
Hmm... I wonder where he would get a name like that?  Yes, as you may have guessed, Fugitive escaped.  Escaped-- as in-- we have a snake loose in the house.
And yet nobody panicked?  Nobody moved a muscle to look for the snake.  No one's heart rate even got slightly elevated.  We kind of shrugged our shoulders and said, "Well, we'll find it at some point."

That's disgusting.  I suppose it is disgusting that there was a snake loose in the house, but I'm rather more disgusted with myself that it didn't bother me that much. What has happened to me?

Years ago when we lived in our Bluffdale house we had a ball python that got loose in the  house just hours before my brother-in-law's graduation party we were hosting.  I was inconsolable-- hysterically crying upstairs in fear that one of 3 horrible outcomes was imminent.  1) The snake would crawl out of the bathroom cupboard while some unsuspecting guest was taking care of business.  They would have a heart attack and it would be our fault.  2) The snake would be unable to escape through the bathroom cupboard and I would have a dead rotting snake carcass in my wall.  3)  The snake would hide-out in the walls and/or vents of the house and then come out after Faith was born (I was very pregnant at the time) and strangle her and eat her.

FORTUNATELY the snake came out sooner rather than later and no harm came.  But still, it was tramatic and I feel I had a relatively healthy reaction to a bad situation.

But the fact that I had absolutely no reaction to Fugitive's escape concerns me.

However, you need not be alarmed to come to my house this week.  I found Fugitive before we left for church this afternoon.  The sneaky little thing was somewhat camouflaged.  Can you see her in this picture?
She thought I wouldn't see her there, but I did.  That's how I roll.  I'm horrified by it, but that's how I roll these days.

 Okay, new subject.

Remember what it was like in junior high?  I know it's painful but try to go back there with me for a moment.  You were very self conscious and convinced that everyone was noticing every little thing about you.  If you were like me you were self-obsessed and regularly looked in any reflective surface to catch a glimpse of yourself  to make sure you looked alright.

Well friends, I've been living the jr. high life this week and let me tell you-- it is exhausting.
This week has been all about me and my hair.  I've been consumed with myself and have been very obnoxious.  My apologies to my family.  I am ready to get back to normal.  But I had one big obstacle to overcome first.

I had to play the organ at church today-- right up on the stand where everyone could see me and my new hair.  I was very nervous, in an unattractive jr. high kind of way.
You can imagine my relief as I sat up on the stand and realized-- nobody cares!  People were very kind and complimentary, but besides registering some initial surprise, nobody else cared about my hair even a miniscule fraction of how much I did.

This very healthy realization gave me the confidence to express my hair's real possibilities a little more freely during game night tonight!

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christini yogini said...

Wolfie, bring me my angry wig" :) We love you, and your totally cute hair-do!