Monday, June 18, 2012

Snip, Snip, Snip

I remind myself of someone...

A little bit of Beiber...

A little bit of Demi Moore in Ghost

Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell in Hook-- minus the elf ears.

Perhaps some Suzie Orman in the mix

Definitely channeling some Tinkerbell.

 I am having something of an identity crisis.  But this morning I knew exactly who I was-- I was the lady with the really long hair and I was ready to chop it. I was so excited.
Feeling so sure of myself and what I was about to do.  I was going for the pixie cut. 
And it's a good thing I felt so confident going into the haircut, because I'm not at all sure how I feel about it this evening.  I'm quite certain I am in a state of shock.

I had over 20 inches of hair cut off today!!!
It is done!  I have VERY short hair.
It was very long and now it is very short.
That's the short of it.
I don't really consider myself a daredevil, but I'd say I was pretty brave today.  And I will admit that I have shed a few tears today as well.  That's normal, right?  But let's look at the bright side-- for starters, hair grows.  And mine grows pretty fast, so just in case my new style doesn't really grow on me (pun intended) it won't take too terribly long to return to a lovely chin length bob.

It is going to be so nice and cool for the summer and it is going to feel heavenly for running.  No more headaches and neck aches.

I love knowing that I was brave enough to do it-- how very Jo March of me.  "Jo!  Your one beauty!"

And since I'm selling my hair--how very Fantine of me-- I weighed it on a scale so the buyer knows how much hair there is.  The other good news?  I will be at least half a pound lighter tomorrow!


Colton Anne said...

Very impressed! That's a lot of hair to cut at once! It's very cute though!!

Abe Fox said...

Bets you are more beautiful than ever......and you'll be faster than ever!!!

Congratulations on the gorgeous new look. I LOVE it!!!!!

Shelley said...

I'm going to call you Jo from now on ;) I love it!

Mothership said...

Okay, Bets. Seriously darling! And I have to agree with your husband. Hot! ;)

I cried when I cut that same length of hair off my head, too. I never cry about my hair, but it is such a drastic change! It took a bit to get used to it (and learning how to fix it like the lady at the salon), but once I did, it was fantastic. Really quick to style--and it was actually a style and not just a ponytail . . . again.

Have fun with this new wilder you! :)

Bonita said...

You look amazing! Way to go with going what you really wanted. I love it!

Glen said...

Looks great, Betsy!

Andrea said...

So cute and hip! You look fabulous darling!

Laura said...

I love it Betsy! And you look amazing...congratulations on your weight loss! I really need to get exercising and fit.

Baden said...

Betsy you look fantastic! You have the cute face shape and great smile that makes short hair cuts work! How fun!

Gabrielle Kim said...

Wow!!! You look fabulous! I'm happy to hear Abe loves the "new" woman in his life!

Kajsa Pace said...

When I first heard or saw that you were going to cut your hair (through pinterest) I was like "NO!" I just chopped my hair a year ago and am DYING for it to grow back out. But after seeing the pictures I love it on you! So cute! Hope you enjoy it :)

Schramm Family said...

Oh my goodness! I leave the "real world" for 5 days and look what happens!!! You look amazing! I love it!!! I think I will do the same thing next week... (oh, wait... random moment of drugs talking) I will never be as brave as you and you pull off that look perfectly! Its very gorgeous and classy! PERFECT!