Saturday, June 16, 2012

What I Did Today

Here is a list, in no particular order, of what I have done today.

1.  I folded clothes.  Not so exciting, but I am proud of myself for doing it before the pack-n-play overflowed.

2.  I went shopping for a swim suit.  Not terribly enjoyable, but better than it was 47 lbs ago.  Even still, you can shrink a lot, but body proportions are hard to alter.

3.  I ran about 9 miles this morning.  It was a good run.  I enjoyed that a lot more than the swim suit shopping.

4.   I applied A LOT of sunscreen to my people.  We have a kiddie pool in the back yard and the sprinklers under the trampoline.  All of the kids, but especially Cannon and George are out there A LOT. 

5.  The whole family went to the big city pool today.  More sunscreen.  I wore my new swimsuit.  Abe tried to teach Faith to swim, but she is resisting her water instruction more than the older kids did.  No more life jacket for her.

6.  I found a pen that had gone through the washer today that by all counts should have exploded all over a load a whites.  Mercifully, the pen cap held.  Glory be!

7.  I joined Pinterest today.  I know why I did it-- I'll get to that next-- but I don't know that I'll go on there much.  I don't really understand how it works and I think it will make me feel like I should be doing more.  I'd kind of like to focus on doing less rather than more. 

8.  I joined Pinterest because I've been scouring the internet, obsessively searching for pictures of the drastic thing I'm about to do.  I am getting a hair cut.  A MAJOR haircut.  A haircut like nothing I've ever done before.  It's coming... soon.  I needed a place to put all my pictures.  I have one board-- "pixie cuts I love".

9.  Did I just say pixie?  Oh, yes I did.  When I was pregnant with Elinor we knew for many months that we were going to name her Elinor.  But I didn't think other people would like her name very much, so I didn't want to tell anyone her name.  I didn't want to hear their opinions.  They might not be able to resist sharing their opinions before she was born, but once they saw her and loved her they would love her name as well.  I feel a little bit that way with my upcoming haircut.  I've decided I'm doing it.  I don't really want to know if people think I should do it or not.  Maybe it will look fabulous; maybe it will look less than fabulous, but my family will still love me and worst case scenario-- I have really atrocious hair for about a year and then it grows out. 

10.  Notice I'm not putting a picture up here of the hair cut I'm thinking of?  Yes, well, I don't want opinions quite yet.  Except for Abe and the kids.  They are hearing and seeing no end of what haircuts I like.  "Ooh, what about this one?  I like this one!"  For the record they are all on board. Not that I need them on board, but... well, yeah, I kind of do need them on board.

11.  Notice that I've phased out of writing about things I did today and am now just typing my stream of consciousness?

12.  I shouldn't have worried that people wouldn't like Elinor's name.  It's a beautiful name and it suits her very well.

13.  I finished reading Sprig Muslin by Georgette Heyer today for my neighborhood book club.  I haven't decided yet if I liked it or not.  My reading time for this book was in lots of short little stints, so I wasn't able to really get into it.  Besides, I am embarrassed at how much time and thought I've spent researching and thinking about my haircut.  Talk about self obsessed.

14.  Enough about me.  


Mothership said...

I love short hair. Can't wait to see!

Naomi said...

I think you should wait till I get there, I wanna come with you!

Mothership said...

Okay . . . more advice you didn't request. :D

This is a job for someone who is REALLY GOOD with scissors. Do not make the mistake I did and go to a gal with a sink in her basement. Especially for that first big cut, make sure she knows what she is doing--and it will probably cost you! Thick hair can be gorgeous in a pixie if it is cut right, but it can so easily turn into a big poof on top of your head! (All of this I know from experience.)

I'm LOVING what you are pinning. Hooray for big, bold change!!

Gabrielle Kim said...

I think your hair would probably look great no matter what you do with it...seriously. And as they say "To him with all the guts goes all the glory" or is it "Go big or go home" or "Just do it" pick one. You'll never know how great the pixie could look if you don't jump in head first so to speak. Anxiously waiting for the reveal pictures!

Abe Fox said...

And it is now done......and you look FABULOUS!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS on the new-doo, Bets!!!