Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thor, the Bunny of Thunder

When I'm old and gray and I look back fondly at my years of raising my children it will be scenes like this that bring a smile to my face.
I think my favorite sound in the world is listening to little people laughing and shrieking with delight on the trampoline.  Clark, Bethany and Elinor are getting older and playing different kinds of games than they used to when they were smaller.  It does my heart good to see my younger kids coming into the fun ages of playing outside with neighborhood friends.  Let the laughter and shrieking live on for a few more years.
It's almost here.

And I'm ready.  Do you wonder how I prepare for the Olympics?  I will share.

It is important that I get the house fairly well organized because I plan on completely neglecting it for the next 2 1/2 weeks.  Except for the laundry.  My laundry will never be washed dried and folded in such a timely manner as it will be during the Olympics because it is the only household chore I can do while I watch.

We don't have cable because ... well, I'm sure you can figure out the many reasons we don't have cable.  I won't go there.  But for the next month we will gladly pay for cable and 2 DVR boxes (one upstairs, one downstairs) to record all things Olympics. The opening ceremonies are Friday night but over the last couple of days they've been rebroadcasting the U.S. Diving Olympic trials and I'm already hooked.  Cannon said, "What?  You are watching Olympics again?" 

But my laundry is folded.

This is Thor, the Bunny of Thunder.
A friend of Bethany's has a rabbit who had bunnies.  Surprise, surprise--a rabbit had bunnies.
Bethany thinks that bunnies are the cutest things ever.  Surprise, surprise-- an eleven year-old girl thinks bunnies are the cutest things ever.

You see where this is going, don't you?
I have allowed Clark to have masses of all manner of weird reptilian pets over the years.  And  I realize that I am totally unfair, but I'm sorry, I don't want rodent pets.  I say, no way, Joselita!

Fortunately for Bethany, she has a seriously nice daddy.  Too nice, in my opinion.
I am not... I repeat... I am NOT in favor of Thor, the Bunny of Thunder.  
Hey, I'll admit he is kind of cute, but all pets are cute in the summer when they can live in the backyard.  They are not so cute during the many months of winter when they have to come indoors.  I told the conspirators (Abe and the kids) that while I would not forbid Thor's presence, I would not lift one finger or spare a single thought on Thor's well being for the duration of his life.  

How cruel of me.

But at least I'm fair.  I don't care about the well being of the reptiles either.  Oh, listen to me.  I really am heartless.
So here we are.  
Should I have held my ground?  Refused Thor's admittance onto the property?  Oh, well.  Point for kids.
Can you guess what Clark is thinking?  

Let me try.  Girls are so ridiculous.  I wonder if my snake could eat that bunny?  Should I see what happens if I put Thor in the snake's tank?

 Well now, that is just cute.

Grrrr.  I guess Thor is here to stay.

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