Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aliyah... Pretty

Can you even believe how delicious this little thing is??
My niece, Aliyah (not the rabbit) who lives in Washington state.  She is Matt and Misty's daughter and my family is so taken with her.
Notice how my girls aren't looking at the camera-- rather they're looking at Aliyah.  They're obsessed with her.  She might be the smartest little girl I've ever seen.
And such a little sweetie giving kisses to everyone.  We enjoyed them so much for the very brief time we had with them that they have inspired a Christmas trip to visit them this year.
George is about 6 months older than Aliyah and he was rather jealous, but I'm teaching him to say "pretty" when we say "Aliyah".

Well I guess that is enough bragging on other people's children.  Back to my own:)
Faith is a now a solid bike rider and has earned the right to go with Abe on a bike ride to the library and Petersons-- the local grocery store.  Faith was so happy to bring along her good friend, Katelyn.
They feasted on Mike and Ikes and rootbeer and they returned home with no mishaps.  They didn't have bike locks for when they went into the store but Abe assured them the bikes would be safe since they parked them right in front of the security cameras.  Thank goodness!
Isn't this dress fabulous!!!
Too bad it isn't mine.
Our Naomi from London is staying with us and let me wear her dress to church.  I was twice accused of being unpatriotic, but I said I was simply showing my enthusiasm for the Olympics and all things English.


christini yogini said...

Betsy, that dress is great & you look fabulous!! XO

Gabrielle Kim said...

Too be clear I called you unpatriotic AND beautiful!