Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No PETA Membership for Me

My children have accused me of animal cruelty.

This may not be so far off the truth, but I've learned my lesson and I'm holding strong.  I don't want this cat!
This cat found her way into our backyard and without my knowledge or permission she was given a bowl of milk and a can of tuna.

And now she won't leave.

And why would she?  The kids continue to provide her with tuna and milk.  WITHOUT MY PERMISSION and AGAINST MY WISHES!
I seem to be unable to stop this.

Our family has a sordid past when it comes to cats and dogs.  We are TERRIBLE pet owners and I've sworn furry pets off.  I keep saying, "The cat is not staying!" "We're not keeping the cat!" "Do not feed the cat!"  But the kids and the cat are not responding to me.
And what am I suppose to do?  Take the cat on a long car ride and try to ditch it?  I can forbid them to feed the cat on penalty of grounding for life, but what are we going to do when the emaciated cat lurks in the backyard meowing at the door.

I am messed over.
The good news is I think I may have developed a cat allergy--super itchy eyes when I am around the cat.  At least the cat will have to stay out of the house. But it does try to come in.  So the other day I "helped her back outside" with my foot.  Now the kids call me a "Cat Kicker".  I am cruel to animals. 

I don't know what to do.

Change of subject.
Here is a little video of Faith's latest gymnastic trick.  She is a determined little thing.

If I may say so, I am rather determined myself, because I have spent a lot of time helping her practice.  So I'll congratulate us both:)

And if you know this cat or know who it belongs to, please, I beg of you to come and retrieve her.  She is not wanted here.  And try not to think ill of me-- I didn't "help her outside with my foot" very hard.


Schramm Family said...

Cant. Stop. Laughing.

I despise cats.

Gabrielle Kim said...

Way to go Faith!!!