Friday, September 14, 2012

Snow Canyon

We've never been a St. George vacationing sort of family.  You know the type-- sporty, adventurous, outdoorsy.  But today's activities were so fun that I might just change my ways.
We're here in St. George for a family book club retreat and lucky for us not-so-adventurous types, we have a few much more outdoorsy friends to guide us and show us where to go and what to do. 
We began the day with exploring the lava caves in Snow Canyon.  And for all my irrational anxiety I have at times regarding my children's safety, surprisingly, caves don't bother me. 
It was quite exciting getting everyone lowered down into the cave and I was so glad to have so many adults and helpers for the little people.  Abe stayed in this bigger open area with George while the rest of the gang headed down further.
I thought Cannon and Faith might be scared because it was so dark but they weren't nervous at all and had a great time traipsing through the cave.  Of course Clark loved it-- even if he did only get 2 hours of sleep the night before in an effort to stay up all night with his friends. Oh, the wisdom of youth.
Cannon and Anders are great buddies.
It's good to have a buddy on the trail of life.
Elinor and Grace helped each other along.
Faith and McKinley worked together.
The six girls have been so sweet together.  The older taking care of the younger.
Christine (red shorts) is our yoga guru.  It seemed appropriate for her to lead us in a bit of yoga on the beautiful red rocks.
The ladies and Anders cooled off in a pool of water in the rock.
It was a very good day and this post only shares the first half of the day.  But alas, it is late and I'm exceedingly tired from the day's events.  
So I'll sign off gratefully thinking of such great friends...
...and great family.

I am blessed.

And now I'm going to bed.

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jkmilligan said...

That looks like so much fun! I LOVE your family picture, that's Christmas card worthy!