Thursday, September 13, 2012

Zion National Park 2012

Let's begin this post with what may be my favorite ever picture of George.  At 26 months he is the youngest of all of our children to make his first visit to Zion National Park. 
Although we live in Utah and this park is only about four hours away and people travel here from all over the world to see the beautiful formations and hike the trails, we have never been.  How lame of us.
Well, I came for a very brief visit a few years back but I just rode the scenic tour bus up and back down the canyon.  I don't think that really counts.

Then again, by that criteria, today's visit shouldn't really count either.  But we did do a little bit more.  We ate lunch at a picnic table and "hiked" about 1/2 mile.  Not much more, but a little.

I am not complaining, merely stating a fact, but it's hard to do a lot more than that with this many littles in tow.
Clark opted out of this picture because we are annoying parents who take too many pictures.
And we needed a photographer.
The first lizard of the day was caught due in part to my annoying parenting techniques.
You see, Clark and Bethany were arguing about who was going to lead on the trail.  Clark argued that if Bethany went first she would scare all the lizards away before he could find them.  Bethany argued that Clark had no rights to permanent trail leadership.
Judge Mom sided with Bethany.  I ruled that whoever was fastest got to be first.  Oh cruel capitalist mommy!  Clark was mad, Bethany was sad because Clark was mad.  Family togetherness in the great outdoors can be a drag sometimes.
I called for a family meeting on the trail to make clear my verdict and beg for civility.  Just then, Clark spotted the first lizard of the day.  A big fat, juicy lizard that was too slow to get away!

Three cheers for Mom and her family meeting!!
And not to be outdone, Elinor quickly went over and snagged another one.
Like I said, they weren't terribly quick.
The three peaks are named the "Court of the Patriarchs".  They are Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Someday I would love to come back to Zion National Park and do some real hikes.  But I will only come with people who swear an oath and sign their name in blood (or at least red ink) that they will NOT COMPLAIN about anything, including but not limited to, the heat, the distance of a hike, or hunger. 
I think that is very reasonable.
Is it because we home school and the kids are denied the opportunity to ride a school bus that makes any bus ride so special?  We haven't been on the airport shuttle bus for a while, but the last time we were on it "it rocked!"-- and according to Elinor it smelled so good.  This shuttle bus today had sun roofs and hand loops for standing passengers to hold on to.  George loved those hand loops so much he made monkey noises while trying to swing his body and almost kicked a nice German tourist lady in the face.
So the day was not all it could have been, but was perhaps as good as it could have been, all things considered.  There were some lovely moments and as the kids get older these things will get easier.  Right?

Can I get a "right", please.

Thank you.

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