Monday, October 1, 2012


Introducing the members of this year's younger kids' book club!  A lot of the kids who used to be in our book club have moved on to our "Youth Book Club".  This is the next generation and they are going to be fantastic!  We'll be reading The Chronicles of Narnia over the next several months and a couple of weeks ago we kicked off the year with The Magician's Nephew.  These kiddos are between the ages of 6 and 9 and they are the epitome of enthusiasm. They could hardly contain themselves during our little discussion; they had so much to say and they loved it!!  I get the feeling this group will love any book we read.

The sticks on the ground are their measurements of our long jump competition.  In the book the characters jump in and out of pools in the Wood Between the Worlds.

Here are some fun pictures of the competition:
I told the kids to go around the yard and pick up sticks to mark their landings with. 
This was a good idea because the kids cleared my yard of sticks.  What a smart lady I am!
Bethany is not officially in the younger kids' book club (because she is in the older) but she joined in the activities anyway. 
I enjoy the older group as well, but these younger kids are so much fun and so uninhibited.

It is sometimes a challenge to get our books read each month.  We regularly have to do late night read-a-thons, but I think it is worth it.
I don't think I am any sort of expert on children's literature.  Usually I just look online for questions and we all talk about what we liked and who we liked in the books.  It is my hope to help the kids enjoy books and have friends who also love good books.


Schramm Family said...

My kids LOVE book club. Thank you for being brave and organized enough to pull it off twice a month! You are amazing and we get the blessings! :)

Gabrielle Kim said...

Isabelle had such a great time and really enjoyed the book too! Thank you so much!!!