Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Help Yourself

Help yourself!
George wanted some peanut butter so I put some on bread for him.  That's not what he meant.
He wanted the peanut butter straight, so he climbed onto the counter and helped himself.  You can see the rejected peanut butter bread in the bowl.  Where was I when this was happening?  I have no idea.
He also helped himself to the apple.  But what good manners he has-- he is offering to share with me.  Truth be told, even though he's messy at times I quite like that he takes matters into his own hands.  If he wants a drink he'll bring me the cup.  Okay, I lied.  He doesn't bring a cup-- he brings a bottle.  Yes, he's two and he still drinks from a bottle.
George can be rather demanding, but at least I can rest easy that no need of his will be overlooked.  He won't let that happen.  If he needs something he will try to do it himself or go from person to person until someone will help him.  I guess the youngest child in a big family needs to be resourceful.


Schramm Family said...

His smile is so cute!! Let the kid eat peanut butter! :)

christini yogini said...

Love that "can do" attitude, George!!

Inspiration Station said...

Isn't it great how independent are younger ones can be. Taking those photos of them in action always makes me smile despite the mess. :)