Sunday, October 14, 2012

Knock, Knock, Who's There?

Saturday night the door started knocking and the ladies started arriving for Lady Bug Dinner Club.  This is the girls' monthly dinner club with several of their homeschool friends.  They take turns hosting dinner and games at each other's houses.

It had already been a very enjoyable day searching out Halloween costume parts and getting the house and food ready and watching the BYU game on TV.
There are so many clever ideas for fun Halloween food out there, but this was the most effort we were willing to exert-- little mummy dogs.

But then... suddenly there was another knock at the door.  Who could it be?  All the guests had already arrived... or had they?
A TOTAL SURPRISE!!  My brother Matt had come down from Washington state for the BYU football game and he stopped completely unexpectedly for a visit.
We love Uncle Matt and we were SO excited to see him!!
Freakishly happy to see him!
Clark loved talking football with Uncle Matt.  His visit was the perfect ending to an already great day.
The girls played spoons and then headed outside for loud screaming games.  Girls this age scream a lot.  Not so much with the boys.   Clark's friends don't really squeal anymore.


christini yogini said...

What a great surprise! Love those mummy dogs!

Schramm Family said...

Love the mummy dogs! We may have to do that for Halloween! :) You are always so much fun!