Sunday, October 14, 2012

Prepare To Be Frightened

It has been many years since I have purchased any kind of Halloween decor.  But if I may say so, I think we have the best decorations in the world.  

Yes, THE WORLD! Well, I think they're the best.

For many years, under Clark's leadership and creative direction, my people have made all sorts of homemade decorations for the interior and exterior of the house.
This year I was fearing that Clark might not want to participate because he's getting older and has more on his schedule.  I hoped that the girls would carry on the tradition even if he was out.

But to my great mother-joy, Clark not only participated, but led the creative charge like never before. 
Our (modestly sized) playroom has been transformed into a very respectable spook alley to delight the young and old alike.
The view from the outside (the family room).
The hanging ghost that is rigged up to drop down when someone passes by.
The werewolf claw that reaches out from behind the mirror.
Fat, ugly spider in the spider web section you have to climb through.
I don't like this part.  It's disturbing.
The centerpiece of the spook alley is this old organ that belonged to my grandparents and then my uncle and now has finally made it's way to our house.  We're only keeping it until Halloween and then we'll try to sell it, but it works and adds a nice touch to the spook alley with creepy organ music.
This is my favorite part.  This skeleton is made from a Luv's diaper box and is tied together with yellow yard and a bit of tape.
 Clark plays his role well.  
There are little bats hanging down everywhere and piles of bones on the ground.

I don't have a picture of it, but he also built a homemade smoke machine out of a #10 can, hot water, and dry ice.  We did have to buy the dry ice-- didn't have that just lying around the house.

And the only real price to pay is that there is a sizeable mess of paper snippets and cardboard, string, tape and markers strewn around the house.  And nobody wants to do what they are "supposed to be doing".  Small price to pay.

Several neighbors and friends have already gone through the spook alley and have been sufficiently frightened to declare their efforts a success!

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