Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Kickoff

We have a longer Christmas season this year because of where Thanksgiving fell on the calendar, so in an attempt to get in as many good Christmas traditions and activities as we can we headed downtown on Saturday night to take in the lights of Temple Square and the new City Creek Center across the street.
While the evening was not a fiasco-- it actually went quite well all things considered-- it was no where near a relaxing stroll through the park.  CROWDED!!!  Yikes!  We've never gone this early in the year, thus we didn't realize that A LOT of people do go this early in the year.  Last year we went the week between Christmas and New Years.  That was cushy because almost no one else went then.  I suppose it was somewhat anticlimactic once Christmas was past, but it was very easy to keep track of people, which is a very important consideration for me.
   Our walk around is fairly short and to the point.  We don't stop and linger anywhere too long lest someone wanders off and is lost in the sea of humanity. We take the same pictures at the same spots each year.  Does that mean we're boring or do we just really like tradition?  Maybe a little of both.
The kids donned the Santa hats as they helped Abe on Friday put up the tree.  I am so grateful that Abe heads up the Christmas decorating.  I love Christmas but I confess that putting up the tree and the decorations gets me into a bit of a funk.  I don't know why.  I wish it made me feel jovial and excited.  I do love the spirit of Christmas-- the music, the lights, the "Peace on Earth, goodwill to men", the birth of the Savior.  I love it, but it also reminds me of loved ones I've lost and still miss.  I think of so many going through hard times and I have trouble losing myself in the joy of the season.  Am I alone in this feeling?  Can you relate?  Please advise.
Onto a happier thought.  There has been a fair amount of peace on earth here at home this lovely long extended Thanksgiving weekend.  The older kids playing a game together in peace and harmony.  Please-- give me a moment to soak it in.
Faith and Cannon wanted to sleep together on the floor of Cannon's room last night.  These two generally get along very well and play together quite calmly.  They can get loud and crazy, but there's not usually much conflict.  I am so glad.
Georgie, however, does have his share of conflict with anyone who thwarts him.  Sadly, the youngest of six is going to get thwarted every now and then.  It's good for him, right?  It will make him a healthy, well adjusted adult someday, right?
Here he is wearing his prized "bird shirt".  It's his favorite shirt and he asks for it by name.

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