Sunday, November 18, 2012

Does Anyone Know Where George Is?

And next up in the continuing series of "Does Anyone Know Where George Is?"...
I really do try to keep tabs on him, but he is quick.  And quite frankly, he is naughty. 
Adorable, but naughty.
Smart, but naughty.
I found him having his way with a can of Stephen's hot chocolate.  And to add insult to injury it was the Dark Chocolate-- MY FAVORITE!  How rude.
As you can see, he felt absolutely no remorse and he even got a tubby (bath) out of it.  
This evening we did a family dinner with my family at our house.  Here's a little background on my family and our family dinners.  My mom passed away shortly before Bethany was born.  Not too long later my dad remarried a lovely lady named Beverly (in pink).  She has five children roughly the same ages as my three siblings and I.  For the first few years we all got together for monthly family dinners and special events.  It was a bit challenging to forge familial relationships with people we were suddenly related to while we were still mourning the loss of our mom, but it was good.  Then Dad and Bev went on a mission to Argentina and we step-siblings still got together occasionally over the two years they were gone.
When they came home from their mission family dinners didn't happen anymore.  I'm not sure why, but a few years went by without seeing much of the step-side.  We still saw Dad and Bev regularly, but not her children and their families.
For the last few months family dinners have resumed.  I wasn't quite sure how I felt about that, but I have found them to be very enjoyable. 
My girls have a great time with their similarly aged cousins. I really enjoy Candee (in brown in previous picture).  Her older boys are great young men who are good examples to Clark and they are very playful with the little cousins. 
So although I was a little hesitant to reforge the relationships, it has been a great thing.    

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