Friday, November 23, 2012

Reality Bites

Well, here's the new look for the blog.


I do not love this latest batch of family pictures.  I'm not sure what I was thinking when I was deciding on what the family should wear for the pictures.  For starters these pictures were taken the morning after my marathon so I don't think I really cared what people wore.  But, I think I was going for a warm, natural, relaxed, welcoming, comfortable look. I didn't really want an everyone-matching, perfect family look.  Not that I don't like that look.  I do, and I have attempted it, but perhaps never fully achieved that look before.  This time around I wanted to say, "This is us. We are real.  We aren't perfect, but we love each other."

I'm afraid what we achieved was, "Unmatched, unkempt, and too lazy to do anything about it."

Too harsh?  I don't know.

Exhibit A
We're not wearing shoes of the same style and/or season.  Notice Elinor's winter boots, Clark's and my Sunday shoes, the three little ones wearing their Summer sandals.  To be honest, these are the shoes that we had that fit.  And since I'm being honest, Bethany's shoes were too small and she and Elinor had a little spat that morning about who got to wear the worn out, too small boots that Elinor is wearing.

Exhibit B
Faith's shirt doesn't fit and I didn't have the good sense to at least roll up her sleeves.  George's pants were too short.  And why did I think warm and cool colors would look good together.  I know I lack fashion sense and vision, but seriously.  Is this really the best I could do?
And would it have been too much for me to iron a shirt collar for the man-child?
I guess it was too much.

 And Elinor.  She was such a good sport to let me trim her hair at home rather than pay at the salon.  Did I not see those uneven, scraggly pieces hanging down?  Or did I just not care?  She looks beautiful anyway but come on.  I think I can do better.

So I will blame the marathon for my lack of concern for my family's appearance in our annual family photos.  But the truth be told, this IS us.  We are all doing the best we can and sometimes it ain't pretty and life gets ahead of us. It is a challenge to keep this mass of humanity clean, fed, and clothed; not to mention, educated, nourished, and nurtured.  So while these pictures are not representative of the goals I have for my family, they are perhaps a more accurate depiction of the reality of our lives these days.

I realize there are much more important things than matching, "perfect" family pictures and I sound rather like a spoiled brat.  I love my brood of healthy, relatively happy children.  I'm not really that bent out of shape about this latest batch.  But I do love nice pictures of my children.  I spend my days caring for them and on the challenging days it is very uplifting for me to see a picture of them smiling back at me.  It may be hard to believe, but they do occasionally look at me with less than darling expressions.  At moments like those a smiling happy picture can heal the hurt.  Or it can serve as a dart board.


I am not finished in my quest for nice family pictures this year.  I have another idea in mind.  My attempt at a reality theme worked too well and reality is overrated anyway.  This time I'm going for uber matching and formal.  Wish me luck!


Ali said...

Your family photographer is armed and ready! I will do my best to help you get a beautiful family picture of the beautiful people who live in your home and have claimed a piece of my heart!

Betsy Fox said...

You are wonderful-- thank you!

Inspiration Station said...

I think your family photo looks beautiful, Betsy. I didn't notice any of those things until you pointed them out. If you can get all your kids smiling at the same time that is a great accomplishment! You've got me beat. I don't think we will even be getting a family photo this year. Way to go!

Rachelle said...

When I first came to your blog and saw the new picture, I loved it. I think you all look so beautiful and I must say you are tempting me to want to get fit and get a pixie hair cut. My pregnant state may not be the time for that though :) Truly, your family inspires me in countless ways. Also, I never would have noticed the things you pointed out in the picture but when we do family pictures, I will certainly know some good things to keep in mind now.