Friday, November 9, 2012

Simple Joys

Today was the funeral for my dear friend and neighbor, Kim.  I am no stranger to sad funerals but this one was perhaps the most tragic I've ever been to.  Her sweet young children, her grieving husband were heart wrenching.  I can't imagine how they are feeling but I'll tell you how I'm feeling.  I am very low in spirits.  I want to curl up in my bed and check out of life for a little while. 

But I've got six children and a good husband to care for so I'll carry on.  I'll think of Kim and remember what a blessing it is that I am here to hug them and love them and serve them.

And I will more fully appreciate those life blessings that I'm here to enjoy.  Those things that bring a smile to my face.
The kids playing my favorite childhood game of raking leaves into rooms and houses.  They even shaped Faith's room into a giant music note and called it the music room.  Bethany is quite the little leaf housekeeper.  Things must be neat and tidy.
Abe, Clark, and I went with friends to see Oliver at the Hale Centre Theatre last weekend.  Before the show started we got to do a backstage tour.  I did not love the production but it was a marvelous  evening.
Clark and several PiPod buddies joined us for the play after they had spent a long day up at Weber State participating in a speech and debate tournament.  Clark was part of a student congress and he loved it. 
And I love that he has such great friends.  This evening I am feeling particularly grateful for the good people in our lives.
I apologize this picture is a repeat but I like it.  George has a joke.  Just one joke-- that he tells numerous times a day.  It goes like this:
George:  Knock, knock!
Anyone who will listen:  Who's there?
George:  Airplane.
Anyone who will listen:  Airplane who?
George:   WATCH OUT!
Anyone who will listen:  Ha, ha, ha!  That is a funny joke!

And so it goes over and over many times a day.  Especially when he gets tired he'll just keep repeating it.  And the thing is, it never gets old.  We all encourage him to keep telling it.  I'd like an anthology of little kid knock knock jokes.  Knock knock jokes are the best because they don't have to make sense.  And since kids' jokes usually don't make sense, knock knocks are perfect.  Everyone knows the order of things so you know where the punchline is so you know where to laugh. 

I have been hugging my little ones tightly and frequently this week.  Weeks like this remind you what matters most.  But Cannon has had to tell me not to hug him quite so tight.  And I quote, "Mom, you can hurt little children by hugging them too tight."

Faith was practicing gymnastics today.  It was time to start learning a round-off double back handspring.  And even though she is tough as nails and flexible as jello she gets nervous to learn new tricks.  She was scared to try it but she did it!! Hooray for Fay-Fay!
In this picture she is playing our family favorite game of The Great Dalmuti.  She regularly skunks everyone at the game.  How does she do it?  She's a sweetie but she is learning the art of trash-talking.  I like to think she gets that from her mama.

Elinor came to me the other day telling me her wrist hurt.  I looked at it and lo and behold it looks freaky wierd.  Good heavens, Elinor!  What have you done to your wrist?
She could not identify any possible trauma but it totally looked broken with hard, sharp bone pushing up but not breaking the skin. 
It turned out to be a ganglion cyst, or ligament cyst, or wrist cyst (all names for the same thing).  It might go away on its own (hoped for), she might need steriod shots (not so great), or surgery (no good).  She's suppose to take ibuprofen and rest her wrist. 
Wierd, huh?  Do any of you have any experience with this?  Elinor tends to get all the interesting medical stuff in our family. 
Clark's football season has ended.  He loved playing.  It think he would have really loved it if they had won even a single game.  But there you have it.  His coach was nice. 

Too nice perhaps.  But since we didn't do much to volunteer and help with the team I guess I won't complain:)


Anonymous said...

Yes, I have experience with a cyst like Elinor's. I have one on my right wrist. A couple of years ago my doctor originally gave me a wrist brace to prevent me from bending my wrist. I wore it for several weeks and the soreness and size of the cyst subsided. Now when it begins to reappear, I apply strong direct pressure to it for a minute or two as if trying to smash it. It then flattens for another week or more. By doing this it never hurts anymore. Dad

Amy F. said...

John had a weird cyst (lipoma?) on the back of his neck a few months ago and it went away on it's own. Jesse said he used to get them as a kid in various parts of his body and they'd go away. I instantly thought "cancer!" but nope. :) Poor Elinor.