Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Igloo

You know I'm a bit of a grinch when it comes to snow.  I do think it looks beautiful.  I don't so much mind that a big snowstorm occasionally interferes with plans or that driving in it takes a bit longer and can be treacherous. 
What I mind is the snow clothes.  Providing coats, hats, gloves, snow pants and boots for six children is too much for my feeble mind.  Fortunately over the years we've collected a lot of snow clothes, but then there is the dilemma of where to dry them and where to store them.  It is good that four of the six can ready themselves for the great outdoors and I can usually get one of them to help Cannon.  Even still, it makes me feel nauseated thinking about it so I need to stop.
Even though snow clothes are the bane of my existence, I was grateful for the snow last week because it entertained my people for hours on end.  With the help of a few friends they built this fantastic snow igloo that is intended to stand the test of time... or at least the next week and a half.
My favorite thing is to see children playing in leaves, but I suppose kids playing in snow is pretty cute too.
Can you imagine what good exercise it would be for adults to play in the snow the way kids do?  But I think they are made of tougher stuff than we are.  They don't get tired and they don't seem bothered by the cold.  They do however drink a lot of hot chocolate when they're done.  
I was very grateful the kids were all so happily engaged on Saturday because I had some work to do.  Sunday was our annual Primary program in Sacrament meeting.  This is when the kids sing the songs they've learned this year and they each have a part to say.  As a presidency we told the kids we would bring a treat for them to celebrate a job well done.  The flowers were little daisy corsages we made for everyone in primary (about 75 people including teachers) to wear for the program.  My friend Kim, who passed away so unexpectedly last week, was my counselor in the presidency, so we wanted to do something to honor her.  As you can imagine, Sunday was a very emotional day.  I think it went very well, but even still, I literally collapsed into my bed Sunday night.  I was emotionally spent.  
Here's to making peace with the snow clothes this year.  I suppose they are a small price to pay for hours of childhood memories.
Watch out for the snowballs:)

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