Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Faith had her gymnastics recital Monday evening.  The whole family went to watch her and it was quite the show.  I was amazed at what these girls can do.  Faith's class was the youngest that performs in the big recital so it was the first time we got a look at what the older girls were doing.  WOW!
It's really blurry, but she did a good job on her "solo" round off back handspring. 
We seriously need a new camera. 
Her one-handed cartwheel.

Now from legitimate acrobatics to something else entirely.
I went into the laundry room today and as I passed by basement stairs I saw legs swinging back and forth.  Big swings.   Hmm.  It didn't take a whole lot of mother intuition to know I'd better go see what was going on.  I found that Clark had constructed a swing in the basement for the little kids made out of old Tae Kwon Do belts and basement support beams.  How does he think of these things?  You can understand why the little boys love him so much.
Oh, and by the way, if you are a true friend of mine you will NOT look at the ground and notice how messy the basement floor is.  Thank you, true friend.
Then it was time to rig up Faith and Cannon.
Time for the real fun!  Don't worry, even though it looks like Faith's feet are going to clock George's face, they didn't and no one was injured in this highly questionable family activity. 
Oh, joy!  
And this is just a little glimpse of why I'm such a great mother.
Or not.


Amy F. said...

You have lucky children.

Schramm Family said...

You are the coolest mother ever. I am not. I need to learn from you.