Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Day 2012

Christmas Eve started off dark and early with the Jingle Bell Fun Run 5k.  Abe was the best sport of the whole group because he walked a shorter route with Clark, Elinor, Faith, Cannon and George.  Meanwhile, Bethany, Matt, Misty, Aliyah and I ran most of the way.  This was a very necessary start to the day because Matt and Misty are seriously good cooks and it's Christmas.  Nuff said.
After the run we gathered up all our snow gear as quickly as we could and piled into the big 15-passenger van (we rented for this Christmas trip) and headed up to Mt. Hood for sledding.
It was an hour and a half drive and it involved some snowy mountain roads, which is super stressful for me, but it was so worth it.  What a grand time we had!
 Elinor screamed her head off on every run.
This was the first time down the hill for Faith and I.  We weren't so brave at first.
Clark and Cannon hoped to catch some big air on this run.
They did catch some air and a face full of snow as well.
Abe was Mr. Enthusiasm!-- not only cheering for our people but everyone around us as well.
George wasn't so happy when he got seriously whitewashed with snow on a run with Daddy.
The kids usually have a terrible time falling asleep on Christmas Eve, but I don't think it will be a problem tonight.  After the 5K and sledding and an afternoon of Christmas movies, I think they will conk out pretty quickly tonight.  Especially after the glorious Christmas Eve dinner we are about to partake of!!!!  Oh, it smells so good!!


Amy F. said...

Looks like Oregon was a fun time!! Love the snow shots!

Vanessa Brown said...

Looks like an awesome time