Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Festivities

Abe and I had to divide and conquer this week to fit in all the necessary Christmas festivities.  He took the kids to the Winder Farms store Thursday night to see Santa.  Faith asked Santa for a ukelele.  It has been her true heart's desire for quite some time.  Bethany and Clark had other activities going so they missed out on their chance to see Santa this year.  I just don't think I've got it in me to go to the mall. 
Elinor is getting older, but no where near old enough to refuse a visit with Santa.  She asked for a "beautiful pink and gold locket from Walmart."  She has asked for a locket for the last six years straight.  They all get broken shortly after their arrival, but Santa has never failed to deliver.
As you can see, Cannon was thrilled to sit with Santa.  He's asking for a remote control car and ukelele.  I think he thinks it will be more like a rock start guitar, but if Faith wants one, he wants one too.
George wasn't so keen on sitting with the big man in red.  You might notice that one of these little people doesn't belong to us.  That's Ben.  He's Elinor's best friend and Tae Kwon Do carpooling buddy.  He got in on the visit with Santa as well and as far as I'm concerned he's pretty much one of ours anyway.
We haven't done regular book clubs this month but we did have a loud and fun Christmas party with everyone.
Everyone brought treats to share.  We made the rice krispie ornaments.  They were so cute in the magazine, but I don't think they turned out that great.  Truthfully, now.  Could you tell what they were before I told you?
 We are an extremely segregated group.  Girls were on one side of the yard.
 And the boys were on the very farthest side away from the girls.  Oh, you silly silly boys.  Someday it will all change.
We played a word finding game and the competition was fierce.
This team was defeated in both rounds.  But like I said, it was fierce competition.
We played a candy bar white elephant game.  Just so you know, Rolos were the most sought after items.  I didn't know they were so popular.  But my favorite thing about the picture is the bigger girls holding the little girls on their laps.  Cute, cute cute!
And the best thing about the whole part is that with so many kids and so much sugar and noise, there were no tears.  It's a Christmas miracle!


Gabrielle Kim said...

Isabelle had a blast and she loves her book club friends! I was just looking at her in the group picture yelling "fix your boot girlie."
I had no idea they were ornament treats until you said something, but they are still cute and at least 90% sugar so who really cares? Thank you so much for doing this for our kids - you are so brave!

Vanessa Brown said...

I am starting to understand while catching up on your blog why you are so terribly sick of white elephant gift exchanges.