Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Morning 2012

We told the children they were NOT to disturb our slumber on Christmas morning until 6:00 a.m.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  And just to make sure I told Bethany that there would be a fifteen minute penalty for every minute they were early before 6:00.  You come in at 5:59 and we'll send you back to your room until 6:15.  This threat did buy us an extra 8 minutes of sleep.  They burst in at 6:08.
  Poor George.  It was unfortunate we had to wake George up so early because he was sicky-poo and did not have a happy Christmas morning.  Opening his airplanes was one of perhaps only two happy moments for the entire morning.
This was the other happy moment when we gave up trying and let him play on Matt and Misty's iPad.  Tell me again why we got him any presents?
Faith and Cannon both asked Santa for ukeleles.  Faith got a "real" one that will actually stay in tune so she can really learn to play it.  Cannon got a "decorative toy" ukelele that can double as a rock star guitar.  
Abe gave Cannon and Faith each a traditional remote control car.  Somebody in the family always gets a remote control car that is loads of fun and functional one day and then it breaks but nobody really cares and they just go play with another Christmas toy. Remarkably, they are both still working.  Another Christmas miracle!
Here we are as the morning festivities got underway.  I had the goal to cut back on Christmas this year and hoped that by going to visit Matt and Misty we would more easily downsize.  Upon going to bed on Christmas Eve I feared that perhaps I'd gone too far and children would be disappointed.
How silly of me to fear that.  From the kids perspective Christmas was a grand success-- "The best Christmas ever!!!!".  From my perspective I failed miserably at cutting back.
Oh, well.  Maybe next year.
Elinor was surprised by a guitar and so happy to get a pink and gold locket.
And a pink fuzzy jacket
Bethany and Elinor were so thrilled to receive their beautiful shawls from Matt and Misty.  The Christmas movies this year were Tangled, Brave and Soul Surfer.  Bethany loves Soul Surfer and has wanted it for a while so she was so excited and has watched it no less than six times in the last four days. 
Bethany also fell in love with this cute little bike for her doll.  She is excited to turn twelve and become a young woman and I know her doll days are numbered.  But I'm going to encourage her to be a girl as long as possible.  Boys and makeup can wait.
She also got the game Dominion.
Clark with his traditional Christmas Legos.
Not as exciting perhaps as the latest techno gadgets, but the kids were excited to receive more reading material from Rick Riordan, one of their favorite authors.
Uncle Matt hooked Clark up with a new watch, a nice hoodie, and some cologne (eeek!!).
And joy of joys!  Clark was shocked to get his own laptop computer.
Let me explain.  At this point in my parenting I am not a fan of allowing young people unlimited screen time and/or internet access.  Clark can earn computer game time each day but we're somewhat strict about how much and what games.  For Christmas he asked for a word processor (do they even still make those anymore?)  He just wanted something he could type on that wasn't password protected so that he could just write stuff.  He likes to write adventure stories and papers for school.  So although we have computers, with internet access (his does not) he wanted his own.  I resisted until Abe convinced me.  "Betsy... the 13-year old boy wants a computer to write on!  Give him a computer!"
So he is the proud new owner of an older, refurbished laptop.  Not exactly the kind you go bragging to friends about, but it's all his and he has unlimited access.
Abe opening a gift from Matt and Misty.  "Ooh, nice!"
Yes, very nice indeed!
I look GOOD!
Even though it was a gift for the little boys, all the kids have enjoyed playing with the castle and all the figures and toys to go with it.
I am not only stunning in this photo, but I'm showing off my brand-new, state-of-the-art pencil sharpener.  What more could a homeschooling mother wish for for Christmas!
Abe enjoying his British Fried Breakfast for the 17th year straight!  We don't call him the Tradition Czar for nothing!
He is wonderful!

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Mothership said...

It is funny how our Christmas desires change as we get older! I got a giant griddle from my mother and was as excited as George was for his airplanes or Bethany was for her doll bike. You'll have to tell me how that sharpener holds up. I've gone through about 30 and need something good!