Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Recital 2012

It's piano recital time again!!!  Tuesday night we had our Christmas recital and it was a smashing success if I do say so myself! I really enjoy the Christmas recital because I love the music and the kids seem to really enjoy the familiar tunes as well.  I love each one of these kids (some of them aren't so little anymore) and it is so rewarding to watch (and listen) to them progress.  I feel very blessed to get to interact with them and be part of their lives.
Faith started off the evening with "Here We Come A-Caroling".  Elinor played "Still, Still, Still", Bethany did "Dance of the Reed Flutes" from the Nutcracker, and Clark played "Carol of the Bells".  
I was very proud of all of them.
Faith's song was a duet.  I love the focus in her eyes.  She is a rather determined little thing.
Clark is an avid wearer of his Santa hat.  Like father like son:)
He did wear his hat for his performance, but afterwards said he probably shouldn't have because he couldn't hear himself very well.  Oh well, it was very festive.
Faith loves that so many of her primary friends come over for lessons each week.
I adore these little girls.  
I admit that I am pretty tough on Elinor with piano.  She does very well and she has a very high tolerance for frustration so I like to see what she can do.  Last week as we were preparing for the recital I had high expectations for her and I was pushing her.  As she played through her song it was beautiful and all of a sudden I wasn't sure how old she was.  Was she really still only nine?  How was that possible?  She is playing such a difficult beautiful song.  I couldn't play anything close to that when I was nine.  So I complimented her and told myself to seriously chill out.  She liked the compliment and me chilling out.
Bethany also does very well, but I don't "strongly encourage" her that much on piano.  She does piano because she really likes it and wants to. 
I save my energy for "encouraging" her with her violin.  She has recently started with a new violin teacher and she is really enjoying that.  In addition to her regular practicing, she has played with our ward choir for the last two months and now is helping out with a stake choir number this Sunday.  She's a little worn out right now.  Poor thing.  She'll enjoy the Christmas break.


Schramm Family said...

Who did your new family pics? Did he/she charge millions? We really need to get ours done. Im about ready to ask for that for Christmas and then do pics in Jan.

Schramm Family said...

Oh, they look AMAZING!! SO CUTE!!! And the recital was fantastic as always. We loved it. Sorry about the kids jumping the gun... they were just so excited to play their songs. ;)

Gabrielle Kim said...

Thank you so much for teaching Isabelle! She adores you and thinks you are the best teahcer ever! Your pictures turned out beautifully! Very matchy-matchy - I love it!