Saturday, December 15, 2012

Extracurricular Saturday

Elinor tested for her brown belt in Tae Kwon Do this morning.  I was not there, but Abe and Elinor reported that she did great.   
She just loves it.
Bethany had her "Snow White" ballet performance this afternoon as well.  Her class were shadows in the woods and they danced beautifully.
The little boys stayed home with babysitters this afternoon because they're not really "ballet" material yet.  Elinor and Faith came with Abe and I and Grandma and Grandpa Cannon to the ballet.  Clark was gone all day with his PiPod friends on an adventure riding the Front Runner Train to up to Ogden to visit other PiPod friends who moved up North.  And this evening Abe and Clark are off to see The Hobbit, while I blog to my heart's content and watch Downton Abbey.  I was feeling very stressed out this evening and these last couple of posts have done wonders for my mental state tonight. 

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