Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 So Far

I haven't had a lot to say since the new year started.  I sit down to blog this evening because I want to, not because there is anything glorious to report.
I do enjoy the holidays, but I feel a great sense of relief when they are over.  It's kind of like summer.  I stress myself out in the summer because I know we're supposed to be having a wonderful time, relaxing and making memories together.  But I'm afraid I do better with a schedule where we're keeping busy and getting things done and, dare I say, checking things off our lists.  Christmas break is shorter and busier, but it's exhausting for me to have that much fun without enough work.

I know, I bore myself.

But anyway, I was very happy to get back to our regular schedule.  All seemed right with the world again.  And yet the truth is, now that we're back into life I'm missing the fun.
Here is what's happening at our house in 2013.

---We are all trying to potty train George.  He isn't quite two and a half, and in the past I've wait until they are closer to three, but he's bright and I don't want to buy diapers anymore.  It's not going well enough to celebrate my diaper liberation, but it's not going poorly enough to throw in the diaper.  It's definitely taking longer than I was hoping.

---Cannon worships Clark.  He calls him, "My Master" or "My King".  Cannon calls himself, "Clark's Minion".  Is this just brotherly bonding or should I be concerned?  Cannon refuses hugs and snuggles from me and insists on snuggling with Clark.  And Cannon is four years old.  Four is definitely not my favorite age for my children.  I delight in their antics at three and they are adorable at five, but I'm never quite sure what to do with my four year-olds.  I also find seven year-old girls quite sassy.  And thus far 11 is a little rough as well.

---Downton Abby Season 3 has begun on PBS.  This brings me great joy.  Sunday night can't come fast enough.

---Several years ago Abe and I bought a Select Comfort/ Sleep Number bed.  It has been marvelous.  But recently (about two months ago) my side of the bed was no longer holding its correct amount of air and I was waking up with a sore back every morning.  We finally got around to figuring out there was a leak in the interior air mattress.  A replacement mattress came in the mail today.  I am hoping for a very comfortable, supportive night's sleep tonight.

---About a month ago I was released from my Primary President calling at church.  I served there for almost exactly four years and I loved it.  My favorite calling I've ever had.  I thought I would be heartbroken to say goodbye, but it's been okay.  I have been called to be a ward missionary, which basically means it is my calling to be a friend to everyone in the neighborhood.  I shall do my best.

---Clark thinks he doesn't like Algebra I.  Really?  He thinks he doesn't like Algebra?  How does he think I feel about teaching him Algebra?  Sing with me now..."We shall overcome.  We shall overcome".
---We're having a bit of a snowstorm this evening.  It has been SO cold lately with a nasty nasty nasty inversion.  By far the most depressing possible weather to start the new year with.  So although I'm not thrilled with a snowstorm, I prefer that to the dirty freezing air of an inversion.

---I totally fell off the healthy eating bandwagon for the last month and a half.  Grrr.  (I know no one really cares).  I'm back on and consequently I am very hungry even as I write this.  It seems twisted to me that I am happy when I go to bed hungry.  What am I?  Living in a third world country?  But I admit that when I go to bed hungry I feel like I've won.  What have I won?  I don't know, but I feel like a winner.  Like I have conquered myself.  Boy, does that sound like an eating disorder waiting to happen or what?
I didn't feel like a winner when I ate the coffee cake and pumpkin chocolate chip cake at book club today.  It was fun, but I wasn't a winner.  Oh, well.  Tomorrow is another day and then I'll be hungry again!!! (did anyone get my Gone With the Wind reference?)

---I just finished reading a book that was so enjoyable that I will recommend it to you.  It's light and fun and borders on frivolous, but I loved it and I loved the style it was written in.  Sorcery and Cecilia or the Enchanted Chocolate Pot.  Ooh, doesn't the name alone interest you?

---My vacuum is working again.  Thank you, Abe.  I will not reveal how long the vacuum was broken for.  All you need to know is that it is working now and it is now safe and sanitary to come to my house.  As long as you don't use my restroom. 

---I have been letting my kids watch the first couple of episodes of The Biggest Loser.   I have very mixed feelings about this decision.  On the one hand it shows people doing hard things, exercising, learning healthy ways of eating and considering our family genes I want them to be aware of the ills of obesity.  On the other hand Jillian has a potty mouth and I don't want to create food issues for them unnecessarily.
Any thoughts on my dilemma?  Do share.

---My brother is graduating from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia (where I went to high school) this coming May.  He has invited me and my siblings to his graduation and a little family reunion.  I hoped to go, and this week I learned of another event happening the very same weekend in the very same town that I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to go to.  The W.T. Woodson Alumni Band Concert.  AHHHH!!! How fun would that be?! Once a band geek, always a band geek.  I had the best time doing band in high school and I would love to see everyone again.  Abe is checking out plane tickets to see if we could make this work.  And now my anxiety about flying sets in.  I realize I'm moving into the realm of unhealthy, but I do NOT want to fly by myself.  Deep breaths. 
When I told my brother I was going to try to make it work he was surprised.  He'd heard that I wouldn't fly anymore.  (Who is spreading these vicious lies about me?)  I corrected him-- I hate flying, I will have major anxiety and I may need drugs, but I can still do it. 
I think.

---Abe and I currently have Jimmy Kimmel on in our room as we're getting ready for bed.  Dr. Oz is his guest.  Is it just me or does Dr. Oz look as much like an elf as anyone I've ever seen.  He should have been in Lord of the Rings.

---And now that this post has degenerated to this level it is time for me to sign off. 


camfox said...

I loved your post Betsy. I don't have anything great to say. Just that I really enjoy your blog. I feel like we just had a good visit. I love you and your family, and wish we could spend more time together. Happy 2013!

Amy F. said...

I love your blog too! You got released! So did Marj. I guess according to your term I only have 3 years and 4 months to go...but who's counting? Although, I think I'd rather be Primary President than ward missionary. :)

Vanessa said...

That book's title does have me interested, I shall read it. You are such a good writer Mrs. Fox.