Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years

Abe took the kids sledding to celebrate the New Year today.  By all reports it was THE BEST sledding ever!
They had so much fun going down in a giant group.  That does look like fun!
Well worth the trudge back up the hill.
Rachel was so sweet to go down with Faith many times.
Bethany has had LOTS of time with friends the last few days.  It could be an ugly adjustment tomorrow as we start back to school.
I'm glad they had such a fun time and I'm only a wee bit envious that I wasn't with them:)
We had our traditional New Years Eve celebration with friends playing games and eating masses of junk food.  We played Saboteur, Quirkle, Dominion, and Bohnanza.  It was a great night for games.  
 Poor Elinor ate too much junk and ending up with an upset tummy and then fell asleep early.
Matthew is George's most favorite person.  He wouldn't leave him alone last night and he won't leave him alone at church either.  
Matthew was Faith's favorite person last night as well.   They were team mates for Quirkle and they smeared the competition.
Happy New Years!

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