Sunday, January 20, 2013

Winter House Arrest

This evening my dad pointed out that I haven't been blogging much lately.  It's because I've been staying up late watching Downton Abbey.  So delicious.  It's 10:41, but we're going to be naughty and stay up to finish Season 3.  Oh, yes you can watch them all online right now and not have to wait for PBS on Sunday nights.  
All things lead to Downton, but I digress.  For my posterity's sake I will put up a few pictures of what we're doing to survive our Winter house arrest.  
Faith got her ukelele for Christmas and Elinor got this kid sized guitar and we already had the big guitar.  The girls were all learning some chords and singing along.  Serious music to my ears. 
Cannon is discovering the joy of Legos.  And since Cannon worships Clark and calls him "Master" and serves him unquestioningly, it is very good of Clark to allow Cannon access to his Legos.
I love, love, love it when children offer to prepare food..  Bethany makes fabulous breadsticks.
Faith is starting early in the family tradition of creating character sheets to D&D adventures.
Please, there is to be no criticizing the spelling or handwriting of any member of this family that is willingly trying to write on their own accord.  Such activities will ONLY be encouraged and praised.
But, there will be points awarded to anyone who can translate (into English) what she is trying to write.
Our kid's book club this month for Prince Caspian involved a sword fighting tournament.  The kids loved it and it was a good Winter activity that got some energy out without any actual destruction of property.  That's about all anyone can ask for.
Dare I say it?  Dare I officially declare that George is potty trained?  
I DO!!  I say for all the world to hear--- GEORGE IS POTTY TRAINED!!!!  Do you know what that means?  It means I have no children in diapers.  Over the past 13 1/2 years I have only enjoyed this luxury for about 2 1/2 months.  What will I do with all that extra diaper money?  The possibilities are limitless.

And lastly I would like to thank Ethan and Alex of "The Nightside Project" on KSL radio for being funny, clean, nice guys who entertain my 13 year old son on an almost nightly basis.  I believe that it is in large part due to them that Clark has become downright funny, and pleasant, and remarkably cooperative over the past few weeks.  I am eternally grateful.


christini yogini said...

Yaaaay! Love your updates, Betsy!! XO

Cathy said...

Betsy, you are amazing! I love reading your blog! I always come away with a smile or giggle or something to truly think about whenever I read your words. Thank you!

PS...where can I watch Season 3 of Downton Abbey all at once? I missed last night's episode and it put me into a (dare I say it) foul mood. Although I tried to hide it because we were doing genealogy. I'm probably going to go to the devil. but I would like the info. :)

Betsy Fox said...

The website is