Sunday, February 17, 2013

All the World's a Stage

All the world's a stage,
And Clark and Bethany merely players.
Clark and Bethany are a part of a fantastic Shakespeare class taught by a great friend of mine.  They study a Shakespeare play and learn about acting and they put on a show.  This year it was As You Like It.  They rent out a small local theater and performed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night and a Saturday matinee as well.
Clark played the part of Oliver, Orlando's evil, turned good, older brother and he did great- just as we knew he would.
Bethany played Duke Frederick (in the black hat), a small but very evil part.  She was VICIOUS!!  She was quite the revelation up there on that stage.  She had such a case of nerves on Thursday and I told her not to worry.  She just had to make it through this weekend and if she didn't like being on stage she would never have to be in another play again.  Then, lo and behold, little Bethany walked out on stage with a commanding presence, with fire in her eyes and a loud, forceful voice.  She articulated her words so clearly, and quite surprised several other parents who know her quite well.  What a surprise!
When she wasn't being the evil duke she was a charming forester.
I feel so grateful for the opportunities my kids have had to be involved in some wonderful groups of friends doing great things.  Perhaps my real talent lies in being able to recognize truly superb people  and leeching myself and my children on to them so we can come along and enjoy the benefits of their talents!  Does that make me a parasite?  I hope not, but I am so thankful for the experiences for my children.  I could not provide this kind of activity on my own.
Some of these guys were in the play and some were there to support Clark.  Truthfully, some thought it was hysterical that Clark "had" to hold hands with a girl in the play. 
They'll see the light sooner or later.
Like so many of his Fox cousins, Clark has contracted the acting bug and is on the lookout for his next play.  He's thinking he'd better give up football so he has more time for theater.  That works for me. 


Andrea said...

You are definitely NOT a parasite! I am honored to know you and your charming children!

Schramm Family said...

can't hold girls hands in football...

Amy F. said...

What a wonderful experience for them! Great costumes!

christini yogini said...

Love, love, love!!!