Thursday, February 28, 2013

Celebrating the End of February

Tomorrow is MARCH 1!!!!! Happy day!  We made it through February!!!!
This is George in his doggy costume.  He wears it pretty much everyday.  He whimpers like a little puppy and wants everyone to hold him. 
I bought this costume on clearance shortly after Halloween when Clark was one year old.  Every single child in our family has worn and loved it.  It is size 18 months but has been worn by all well into the fourth year of life.
The doggy costume has brought a lot of joy to our family.
Clark recently won 2nd place in the Student Congress at a speech and debate tournament.  For the record he didn't need to win an award to prove to me that he could argue well.  He is an eldest child after all.   I think that goes with the territory.
Following the tournament Clark and his friends had their monthly D&D club at our house. Clark's friend London (pictured above) lives about a half hour away and because roads were icy he ended up staying the night and going to church with us.  Since our family does not do sleepovers (except for very rare exceptions) this was a real treat for Clark and quite the novelty for the whole family.
I gave London his very own new toothbrush (I know, it was so hospitable of me).  But I warned him he must NOT leave his toothbrush unattended in the bathroom between the evening brush and the morning brush.  I explained that I could not guarantee that no one else would use it.  There are members of this family (who shall remain nameless) who do not respect toothbrush ownership so it would be best if he slept with his new toothbrush under his pillow. 

In London's family the kids have their own rooms and bathrooms, so this may have seemed an unnecessary precaution but he followed my advice and I felt like we were pretty good hosts.  He had a mattress on the floor of the family room and a clean toothbrush.  That's about as good as anybody in this house has it.
Faith went to a rock star birthday party yesterday and she has another birthday party for another friend tomorrow.  And she has a birthday party for herself coming up.  Life is good when you're almost 7 and you have masses of little girlfriends.
Bethany is the resident fashion advisor and she helped Fay-Fay get ready for the party.  She also helped her get ready for her gymnastics pictures today.  She helped Elinor with a make-over for her 10th birthday celebration the other day. 
What would I do without my Bethany? She may not want to do her math these days, but she is so helpful with the little kids.
Aren't they beautiful?  These are the girls in Bethany's Primary class that will be turning 12 very soon and are anxious to join Young Women's at church.  They had New Beginnings this week where they get their first introduction to all the good things that await them in YW.
I went to my neighborhood book club this evening and even though I talked too much and ate too much chocolate/peanut butter fondue, it was so enjoyable.  I love my book club friends and feel such acceptance and friendship there.
And in my last bit of happy news I bought myself new red running shoes yesterday.  I feel faster just thinking about them.  I haven't run much since the marathon at the end of September because 1) I felt like Forest Gump-- I was tired of running and so I stopped and 2) It's been so cold and snowy for months and
3) We've had such dirty air for much of this whole winter.  

I went for a run yesterday morning and it was glorious and I realized I have really missed it. It must have released some serious endorphins into my system because I felt like I was looking through rose-colored glasses all day yesterday.  I am ready to get back to running.  Never say never, but I'm not interested in doing another full marathon right now, if ever.  The training takes a lot of time and the mental energy needed might be more than I can spare right now.  But maybe a Half is in the near future?  We'll see.


christini yogini said...

Fabulous! Hug all your sweet darlings for me, & way to go, Mama!!! Enjoy your new, speedy shoes!!

Andrea said...

Thank you for taking care of London for me. He loved it!