Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Elinor is 10!

She has made it to the double digits!!! Elinor recently celebrated her 10th birthday with a family party.  I love a good big party as much, if not more than anyone, but every other year is just a family party.
And it's simple and calm and good happy feelings abound.
Our adventuresome gal wanted a bow and arrow.  Abe went all out and got her a compound bow-- quite the lethal weapon.  To be honest she can barely pull the string back. We may need to reconsider.  Especially since there is a chunk shot out of the fence already.
She also wanted overalls for her birthday.  She has wanted overalls for about three years but this is the first year she remembered she wanted them in time for her birthday.  I think they suit her so well and she looks darling.
The sign was Faith's birthday present to Elinor and Bethany gave her the pink notebook she's holding in her other hand.
After our little home party we went to play at Classic Fun Center.
The kids all had a great time and after being cooped up all Winter it was wonderful to let the kids run wild.  
 And they weren't the only ones who enjoyed running wild.  I know it's not exactly high brow, but I like bouncy slides.   I don't want to do it everyday and I did have a headache when it was all over, but I think it's fun once or twice a year. 
I just like George's facial expression here.  I realize I may not like it when he is 16 and gets his first drivers license, but it's adorable at two and a half.
This picture is for Naomi in London.  You're welcome.
Abe is a really nice daddy.  He paid $5 so Elinor could go into the Money Box for 1 minute to gather up "funny money" and get a prize.  The prize wasn't terribly impressive and in hind sight, we should have just offered Elinor five bucks, but at least now she has experienced the thrill of catching money in the wind.
Happy 10th birthday, Elinor!  A lot of girls your age want nail polish for their birthday.  I am so glad you wanted overalls and a bow and arrow.  You are one of a kind and we love you so much!

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