Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Night of Dancing

You know I love to go to our Romance Regency Ball each February with Abe.  I have not been shy about talking it up among my ward and book club friends, who were intrigued, but doubtful that their husbands would want to dress up in costume and pay money for such an experience.  My friend Stephanie (in brown) and I decided to bring the vintage dancing to them-- in casual clothes and at no cost with a free nursery provided.  How could they resist?

My wonderful friend Andrea has become quite the expert on these dances and she was so good to come and teach us-- for three solid hours!
Not everyone had the time or stamina to stay the entire time, but at the height of the night I think we had well over 25 couples dancing.  I couldn't believe what a good turn out we had!  I was so sure that even the men would have fun that I promised a home delivered dessert to anyone who could honestly say they didn't have a good time.  I haven't received any complaints so far:)
I think this kind of activity is healthy on so many levels.  Physically it is quite the workout, but even more than that, it is so social.  Facebook has got nothing on vintage dancing.  You talk with and are in close physical proximity to so many people that you might not otherwise have any interaction with.  It was so much fun!
Several people have requested that we having another vintage dancing night sometime in the future.  I couldn't agree more!
And as part of Bethany's birthday celebration, she and her girlfriends were little angels, providing the free nursery for the evening.  We did all sing happy birthday to her and she got to show off her new earrings, so it wasn't all bad.

Thanks again to Dave and Andrea for being such fabulous teachers.

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Gabrielle Kim said...

It looks like you had so much fun! It's great that so many people could come - maybe next time we'll be there too!