Friday, April 26, 2013

Methods of Shameless Brainwashing

Abe's younger brother Phil graduated with his bachelor's degree from BYU today.  Abe took all the kids down to Provo to spend the day at BYU brainwashing our children to want to attend BYU as well.  For the record, I have no qualms with this method of parenting and I fully support Abe's efforts.  I had some piano lessons scheduled for this afternoon and didn't think I would be able to join them, but it worked out so that George and I did meet up with the family at the convocation ceremony. 

Here were some of Abe's brainwashing methods.
1.  Take them to the BYU bookstore and shower them with gifts all things BYU.  Shirts, earrings, watch, football.
2.  Take them to the Tree of Life sculpture and revel in the goodness of the gospel.
3.  Go sit in an actual classroom and visualize yourself as an actual BYU student.
4.  Go visit your great-great grandfather's building (where your parents used to meet up for lunch) and remember that your BYU roots run deep on both sides of the family.
5.  Wear the family uniform and publicly declare your loyalties.

These are very effective methods, no?  They worked well for both my parents and Abe's parents.  Here's hoping for another generation.

This post is somewhat in jest.  Truly, I would be thrilled if my kids went to BYU, but there are other good schools-maybe not great schools ;-) and they'll find their own way and choose their own path...blah, blah, blah.  But I see no harm in keeping the expectations high, right?
Let's see... perhaps we're looking at a future graduate, class of 2023?
This was a sweet moment of the day.  Bethany fell in LOVE with her cousin Edra at the after graduation party at Philip and Katie's house.  And with good reason!  Edra was an absolutely perfect little angel!


Amy F. said...

Congrats to Phil! I hope that some of our kids do get into BYU and are there at the same time. That would be fun!

christini yogini said...

What fun! I love the classroom photo!!! Miss you!!

Anonymous said...

We also go visit the Y. We take kids to football and basketball game. We go to the bookstore and buy them shirts & fudge. Then we visit the Jesse Knight Building which was Jesse's great-great grandfather's building. Sound like we're doing a bit of brainwashing ourselves... By the way I might take size 8 pants or med shirts... -Amanda Snow