Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ballet & Bees

Bethany finished up her last of this season's three dance competitions.  Now, for a moment I will put aside how I feel about dance competitions to celebrate and enjoy Bethany's accomplishment.

Here is her ballet dance to "Luck Be a Lady".  The girls all have buns and identical costumes, so good luck picking her out.  She is generally on the front left side or in the middle front.

Their ballet dance scored very well with the judges, although there weren't actually any competitors for their age and category.  Which begs the question, why bother with a competition if there is no one to compete against?

I quite like her ballet dance this year.  "Luck Be a Lady" was a song my high school marching band did my senior year when I was the drum major, so it makes me feel a little nostalgic.  It also makes me want to stand up and start conducting, but I already feel a little out of place amongst many "dance moms" and I don't think that would help my cause.

But you know what else has made me feel nostalgic this week?  I've dug my trombone out of the basement in preparation for my high school's 50th anniversary alumni band concert in a couple of weeks.  Oh, yes I WILL be playing in it.  I'm flying out to Virginia for my brother's college graduation the same weekend 10 minutes down the street.  I've been practicing and my lips are not what they used to be, BUT I CAN STILL PLAY!  And it's still fun.  Maybe I need to find some community orchestra to play in?  Actually, I think I will spend my energy grooming  my trombone heiress-- Elinor.  She really wants to learn to play and I found a summer band program she can do.

But back to Bethany's dance weekend.  Here is her lyrical dance to "Secrets".  I have no advice for picking her out. 

There were competitors for this dance and Bethany's class won first place for this dance.
Very fun--if you're into competitions for dance, which I'm not really.  That being said, if we're going to compete, I do like winning.

In other news, Abe won some Salt Lake Bees tickets at work and he took Elinor, Ben (our neighbor) and Faith.
I went to one Bees game when I was maybe 12.  I caught a ball and had some player sign it.  I saved it for a long time thinking it was very valuable ($$$). 
You know how valuable signed balls from the minor leagues can be.
Elinor and Ben do Tae Kwon Do together, and they are frequently mistaken for brother and sister.  They are only 10 months apart in age (Elinor is older) but it is very believable that they could be older sister and younger brother.
Fun times with Daddy.

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