Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers' Day 2013

Thus far it has been a marvelous mothers day.  We had nine o'clock church so there was no time for messing about with breakfast in bed.  No matter.  I opened my cards from Abe and the kids moments before heading out the door.  One was a musical card that played the "Linus and Lucy" theme when it was opened.  The little kids were in hysterics and the game of freeze dance for Faith and Cannon began.  George's job  was to open and close the card to start and stop the music.  I wondered how Abe decided on this particular card, with this particular song?  You see, if he was home more he would hear Clark playing this song on the piano.  But no matter.  Good feelings abounded.

Church was great.  Fairly uneventful, but great.

When we got home I requested a pedicure from Bethany in preparation fro my big trip this week.  And then Abe brought me up one of his glorious omlets, and then I took a serious happy nappy on the couch while the kids watched a movie.  And now I'm sitting alone in my room blogging.  Oh, yes, I'd say that is as good as mothers day can get!

As I just mentioned, I am leaving for my big trip to the D.C. area this week; Wednesday to be exact.  I do have some concerns about the well-being of my family while I'm gone.  In an effort to calm my nerves I would like to air my concerns in the hopes that addressing them will help me to see that I need not be so worried.

---George is somewhat clingy around the house with many requests for "hold me" and "I'm hungry, mama".  Will my people hold him and feed him enough?  There will be a lot of people who are capable of meeting his little needs, but they all be so distressed with their own longing for mom that he might get overlooked?
Of course not.  He is loved by all, and he has never failed to make his needs known. 

---We run a pretty tightly packed extracurricular schedule.  Swim team, tae kwon do, dance, gymnastics, softball games.  There are a many places people need to be to.  But importantly, people need to be remembered to be picked up from said places.  I need to make a detailed schedule for Abe of who needs to be where and when.  But you now that detailed scheduling isn't really my strong suit, so I'm avoiding that task.

---I am playing the trombone in my high school's 50th anniversary alumni band.  I really should have practiced more.  And now I'm experiencing what many of my piano students experience each week when they have to come to lessons not having put in enough practice.  It's humiliating--- and I'm such a hypocrite!

---My children are not done with their school work this year.  Do I just give them the week off school since I have no way to enforce anything while I'm gone and I'm quite certain Abe doesn't want to pick up that stick.  Then again, what will they do with themselves if they don't have there school work to do?  Lots of moms get worn out during the summer with having their kids home all day with nothing to do.  I'd get worn out too if the kids were there all day with nothing to do.  The school work keeps them occupied. 

---You know when you have wonderful, magical memories of a really great time in your life, and years later you back and try to recreate it and it's nothing like you remember and you feel sad?  Well, I haven't experienced that, but I'm saving a little bit of worry for it, just in case. 
Not the smartest thing, I know.

---Do I go nut-so over the next couple of days trying to arrange everything here at home for the comfort of my people while I'm gone?  Or do I keep up my normal pace and let them fend for themselves?  If I let them fend for themselves they might appreciate me more, or they might just feel annoyed that they can't find any underwear or granola bars.

---I don't enjoy flying at all.  It's not because I haven't done it much.  I have-- quite a bit.  But I don't like it.  I do like that my sister will be next to me on the flight because we're also going for my youngest brother's college graduation.  She tends to keep her cool a little better than I do.  I just need to make sure I don't watch any movies with airplane crashes before I go. 

Alright, that's enough.  I could go on, but seeing my worries written out in front of me did just what I hoped it would.  I'm worrying needlessly and if it's annoying to me, I know no one else wants to hear it.

Let's move in a more positive direction.  The Top Ten Things I love about being a mother to Clark, Bethany, Elinor, Tessa, Faith, Cannon, and George:

1.  Hugs, and LOTS of them.  Soft, little arms squeezing my neck make me deliriously happy.

2.  Reading together.  We're going to finish The Shakespeare Stealer tonight.  I love it when a chapter ends at a suspenseful point and they beg and plead for my to keep reading.  Clark says, "Mom!  I forbid you to stop!"

3.  Going to church together.  Seeing them dressed nicely (once a week at least), behaving nicely (most of the time), learning about who they really are (children of God), and being together as a family.

4.  Attending their different activities and seeing each one develop and improve in something they love and are good at. 

5.  Watching the older kids help nurture and teach the younger kids.  Clark is devoted to happiness of his little brothers.  Bethany helping the girls with their clothes and hair.  Bethany choreographing a dance for Faith and cousin, Takara.  Elinor caring for George.

6.  Likewise, seeing the utter adoration the little kids feel for the older ones.  They are their world.  Cannon has such confidence knowing how much Clark loves him.  Faith knowing she is an equal part of the powerful girl trio.

7.  I love working on academics with the kids.  Cannon is learning to write his numbers and letters.  Faith is a full-fledged reader and a whiz at her math facts.  Elinor can do it all with ease; math comes easy, and reading is such fun.  Bethany loves to read and write and she loves to arts.  Clark loves his science, and as it turns out he may be better at algebra than he thought.  We work so hard and it is so rewarding to see the results.

8.  They forgive me when I mess up.  When I'm impatient and demanding and bossy and unkind, they are quick to forgive.

9.  I love that they are respectful and obedient.  I can take them anywhere and trust that they will behave well and help out where needed. 

10.  I love that they have the best dad in the world.  He is loving, and kind, and creative, and hard-working.

Happy Mothers' Day

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christini yogini said...

Very happy mother's day to you, Betsy! I love your sweet list, you do have such a lovely family, you and Abe are a great team!! I hope you have a super fun trip! Enjoy!!!