Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our Trick Monkey

 Faith had her gymnastics recital last week.  They hold two back to back recitals at Hillcrest to accommodate their huge studio.  This picture is only half the studio.
Sometimes I fear we treat Faith like a performing trick monkey.  "Faith, entertain us!  Faith, do your tricks!"
Anyway, she is fun and she works so hard.  Her new class will be begin in June and I've told her she ABSOLUTELY HAS to learn to do her aerial before next Wednesday so she can get in the class that will work with our family's schedule. 
Yeah, no pressure or anything for the the poor little thing.  But I'm sorry, she simply MUST get it and get it good.  I am spotting her a lot this week and she is practicing so hard.  We shall overcome.

Here is the video of her recital.  Abe tries to point her out throughout, but she starts front and center and then is usually at the very far left when looking straight on.

Cannon was so proud of her afterwards he just had to give her a big hug.


Tina said...

Wow!! When I was in gymnastics my parents just got to go to the all day meets. No recitals for us ;) If she can do a back handspring, she can do an aerial! It's just a matter of punching that front leg hard enough to get the speed. How fun to have a tricky monkey in the bunch :) Go Faith!!

christini yogini said...