Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Steampunk Ball

Well, now.  That was just fun.
My ever-daring and adventurous friend Andrea threw herself an awesome steampunk ball 40th birthday party Saturday night.  She told her three children they could each invite one friend to the ball and Clark and Bethany were two of the grateful recipients of those invitations.

You may be wondering, "What exactly is steampunk?"
And that would be an excellent question and might I suggest a quick google search for a  real answer.  But I describe it as Victorian meets industrial revolution meets science fiction meets alternate history.
Makes total sense, right?  Now you have a very clear picture in your mind, right?  Or not.
We interpreted it to mean we should all wear googles.
But that was not the only look of the evening.
Here's the birthday girl and her husband David.  She admitted it might be a little unorthodox to throw oneself a birthday party, but freely admitted that no one else could do it as well as she could.
And she is totally RIGHT!  The party/ball was so much fun.  There was much vintage dancing taught by  Kimberly Grant of  Old Glory Vintage Dancers.
We had so much fun in the photo booth.  This was supposed to be our sexy look.
Bethany and Raven were perhaps the most frequent visitors to the photo booth.
They were so darling dancing the night away.  When all the adults were complaining of tired feet they were still hopping and bopping about.
Moms and daughters.
Clark was actually quite a good dancer.  Sometimes the boy surprises me. Bethany and Abe were partners occasionally and I was so happy to dance with my 13 year-old man child.  You know he is taller than me now.
Well that's just scary.
Now we're serious.
The music for the evening was provided by TLC Trio.  If that name sounds familiar, it should.  I put out on Facebook yesterday a link to their newest music video that Abe and Bethany are both in.  If you haven't seen it yet, you really must.  Go here
TLC Trio also did a video a little while back to "Bad Romance".  They played it at the ball Saturday night and we did the same dance the dancers are doing in the video.  And it has a steampunk style so you can see a little more of what that's all about. Go here
Here's a full body shot.  No where near as fun as the photo booth, but you had to see Abe's great calves!
The whole evening was marvelously fun and different from normal life.  Normal life is good too, but it does seem a little drab this week after the fun weekend.  
Abe served as the M.C. for the evening and besides one really horrendous Jane Austen misquote, he was charming as usual.  I think he's charming in this picture.  
Here's the one of the great things about Andrea.  She gets an idea of something she wants to do or learn how to do.  Most people have ideas like that all the time, but then they think of all the reasons they couldn't or shouldn't do it.  Not Andrea.  She just thinks about how to make it happen.  I am so grateful for her example and friendship.

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