Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cannon's 5th Birthday

Cannon turned five this week.  Sigh.  This means he's more like a big kid and less like a little kid.  We enjoy him so much and everyone in the family was looking forward to planning his birthday party.  He decided on a Star Wars theme.  A little visit to Pinterest, several trips to Walmart, a few hours of work, a lot of wonderful friends, and wah-la!  A smashing Star-Wars party and one very happy 5 year-old!
We started with our pizza lunch and cupcakes and ice cream.  We all needed sustenance for what was coming.
The lunch time entertainment was a table full of 4 and 5 year-olds telling nonsensical knock-knock jokes. 
We had three areas of Jedi training.  Here is Cannon trying to navigate his way through the asteriod field without touching any of the asteroids.
Bethany was in charge of practicing using the force with magnetic gloves and paper clips.
For flight simulation the kids had to make paper airplanes and fly them through a hanging hula-hoop.
Once they had successfully completed their Jedi training they were awarded their light saber.  Things were about to get really exciting!
These Jedi's obeyed the rule exactly and "solemnly" followed me outside for their light saber practice time.
They even had the self control to pose for a picture before the mayhem set in.
I told them they were just practicing and they weren't real bad guys so not to hit too hard. 
 But then the real bad guys showed up!  Clark, Bethany, Elinor, and Ben (Elinor's friend) came to ambush the little kids.
Clark was a popular target and I must say, he was such a good sport and so much fun with the kids.
How long could Clark stand up against such a force?
Not very long.
It didn't end well.
Bethany tried to outrun them, but in the end she too succumbed to the force of the Jedi's.
There were remarkably few injuries.  Especially since I loaded their pool noodle light sabers with wooden dowels.  I felt there needed to be some level of actual potential danger involved to make it exciting.  Abe thought this wasn't such a good idea.  But I assured him it would be fine.  Then it turned out that Abe needed to work today and he wouldn't be at the party.  Suddenly actual, dangerous weapons in the hands of 13 five year-olds didn't seem like such a good idea.  Thankfully, a skinned knee was the worst that happened.
After opening presents it was time for more battling.  This time it was blue vs. green vs. orange light sabers.
I couldn't have done the party without the big kids helping.  They were the entertainment.
To calm things down a little we played Jedi, Jedi, Sith (duck, duck, goose).
Did you know there was a time when I wasn't sure how I felt about having more little boys? 
What was I thinking?  I can't get enough of these two.
And I'm quite taken with the man-child as well.
May the force be with you.
Cannon, we love you so much!  You are a ray of sunshine in our family spreading your good cheer everywhere you go.  Happy 5th birthday!


Schramm Family said...

Hayden had so much fun. Keith and I were saying we are so grateful for you. We are not fun. Not fun in any way at all. Thanks to you and your kids, my kids get to enjoy life. Thank you so much!

Alexis Fox said...

I saw those light sabers on Pinterest and thought that I would do that party in the future. Now if I do it-I'll just have to copy you, you had a few ideas that I wouldn't have thought of. Love their matching outfits! Such a fun looking day!!

Amy F. said...

That was actually me, I share the comp. with Alexis and she was still signed in, whoops!

camfox said...

Your parties are so awesome.