Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013

Happy Father's Day!  As I write this Abe is at church with 5 of our children because I'm home with Faith, who is not feeling well.  I offered to let him stay home with Faith so he could rest and relax on Father's Day.  I knew he was worn out because he's worked 14+ hour days on both Friday and Saturday.  But he wanted to go be with the kids and the hear them sing Father's Day songs in Sacrament Meeting.  He is a great dad and a wonderful husband.  We are so blessed to have him.

Thursday night we went on a much needed date downtown.  Abe had gotten a nice gift card to Tucanos (a Brazilian Grill).  We enjoyed each other's company, but I think Abe enjoyed the meal a bit more than I did.  A little too much meat for my taste; however, the grilled pineapple was quite delicious.  It was a pretty pricey meal, so I don't think we'd ever go their on our own dime, but since it was free I could enjoy it without worry.
 It's summer, so I must be a little more relaxed, but I allowed myself a happy-nappy the other day.  Just conked right out on the couch.  It was lovely.  But there's always a price to pay for such an indulgence.  In this instance the kids immediately threw a painting party.
But they didn't just paint on paper.
There was face painting as well.
There are some things best done without permission.  If they had asked permission I'm quite sure I would have denied them.  No, you may not get out the acrylic paints and make a huge mess and paint each others' faces.
No, you may not turn Elinor into an "Italian football player".
But since I was napping, and they knew better than to disturb me to ask permission, they just proceeded with what seemed like a very fun, relatively harmless idea.  
And they were right.  No harm was done, creative juices flowed, and they cleaned up the mess.  
And perhaps for insurance against a mom who might not be so pleased when she awoke to the mess, they painted some mathematical formulas and polluted ocean painting as well.
Truth be told, this was very wise of them and did play into my pleasant reaction.
On Thursdays we have a neighborhood park day that several of the families with young children join in.  To the delight of the mothers, Bethany and Elinor usually come along as well and play games with all the kids.  This little service allows the moms to relax and visit while the kids are totally entertained.
Abe brought home a lot of left over lemonade from Winder this weekend.  The kids wasted no time in setting up a lemonade stand and they did pretty well.  When it comes to lemonade stands I'm always torn between encouraging entreprenuership and sparing my neighbors the hassle/guilt.  Fortuntately for the kids, we have generous friends and neighbors.

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