Sunday, June 2, 2013


It finally happened.  Faith is seven and she finally lost her first tooth.
The piano man came to tune our piano this week.  The kids were mesmerized watching him work.  He was very kind and understanding and let everyone have a turn to play the piano while it was open.  I teach so many lessons each week and I've known for some time that the piano was out of tune, but I just hadn't taken the important step to call a guy.   I'm having the same problem in calling a dentist.  We all need to go, but our insurance changed and so I need to find a new dentist.  Why don't I just call another one and make an appointment?  I don't know.
 There is a lot of piano practicing at our house because we have our recital coming up this week.  Everyone is understandably tired of playing their songs, so we'll all be glad when it's done.
 Clark and friends enjoying their monthly D&D night.  Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That is indeed a girl in the picture.  And a cute girl at that.  Oh yes, times they are a changing.
I don't post nearly the amount of pictures of Elinor and Tae Kwon Do as I did with Clark.  But she keeps on trucking along working towards her black belt.  Back when I was gone on my trip she successfully tested for her Jr. Red belt.  She loves Tae Kwon Do and considering how easily distracted she gets during the day working on school work, she stays remarkably attentive and focused during Tae Kwon Do.
This is also from when I was gone on my trip.  I suppose when the mommy-cat is away, the mice will play.  Abe took the kids to the monstrosity known as Scheels to ride the ferris wheel.
And to the Dinosaur Museum...
Oooh... scary.  Wouldn't you agree that it is so sad my children have trouble expressing their emotions?
And he also let Clark keep the scorpion that he caught on a scout campout.
And they went out to eat a lot.

And by now it should be readily apparent that dad is way more fun than mom.  I guess I've known that for a long time.  


Gabrielle Kim said...

Congratulations on the tooth Faith! And congrtaulations on the new belt! And may I just add how handsome your taekwondo teacher is?

Gabrielle Kim said...

That sencond congrats was for Elinor - I get sidetracked so easily. Cute man...chocolate...squirrel...