Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bethany is home from girls camp!  That makes me very happy.  But here's what makes me very sad.

She has a bad case of pneumonia.  She came home on Friday and was worse off than when she left.  She had been sick leading up to camp, but we thought she was on the mend.  I don't know how she survived the entire week up there, but she is on antibiotics now and moving around as little as possible.  I feel very bad that other girls may have gotten sick from her.  When she is laying down and breathing regularly you can see one side rising much more than the other one, where the pneumonia is.  Her cough sounds terrible.  She had to get an antibiotic shot in the hip/bum yesterday at the doctor.  It was somewhat traumatic and especially since she's got no meat on her bones .
Abe was really happy to get to go up to camp Wednesday evening and spend the night.  But he wasn't so happy that there was likely a bear roaming around the camp and he was alone in a tent.  The girls were all in cabins.  A ranger came up and talked with him around midnight.  Scary.
I never got to stay in cabins at girls camp, but I bear these girls no ill will.  Rather I think everyone should camp in cabins whenever possible.  Much safer and more comfortable.
What a beautiful rainbow of rain ponchos!  I just don't think they would notice things like that at scout camp.
While Clark and Bethany were gone all week the little boys entertained themselves for many hours playing with the Legos.  
 One of Cannon's creations was "The House of Life".  Apparently I am the lovely brunette on the far right.  Abe is lying on the hammock.

With fewer people here to care for and run here and there I had a little more time this week.  I worked on planning our homeschool schedule for next year and did Sudoku puzzles.  Much like jigsaw puzzles, I get rather addicted to doing them.  I don't think I'm terribly good at either of them, but it's a kind of mindless thinking that I am just simple enough to enjoy. 

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Amy F. said...

Poor Bethany! We're so glad she's getting better! Pneumonia in the middle of summer, what?