Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It Begins Again

The annual pilgrimage to Spokane, Washington began very early Monday morning.  Traveling temperatures of over 100 degrees were forecast, so an early start was imperative.  We did get off around 5:30 AM and except for about an hour when the A/C had a hard time keeping up, and one false stinky pants alarm, it was a very pleasant, uneventful trip.
The first stop was Idaho Falls for gas, potty and jumping jacks to get the blood flowing.  Clark opted not to join us and Bethany was embarrassed.   Hee, hee-- I must be doing something right.
But you want to talk embarrassing?
I will now share with you my family's secret shame.

It's not actually that much of a secret.  If you or your children have ever ridden in our car it is quite possible that you've been exposed to it.  Our family's favorite travel music is the soundtrack to "Sons of Provo".  The music is funny, catchy, and more than just a touch irreverent.  And my children know every word to every song.  I kid you not, I heard Cannon singing one of the songs this morning in the bathroom-- alone.
Sometimes when you travel with 8 people in the car for a long time there can arise a bad mojo.  People get grouchy and snippy--- or worse-- they get silly and pokey and wrestly.  (I know wrestly is not a real adjective, but if you had several siblings or have multiple children you know exactly what I mean)  It can get real ugly, real fast.
But honest to goodness, The Sons of Provo soundtrack has the ability to make everyone friends again.  It is impossible not to crack a smile and enjoy yourself.  Look!  These are happy children at hour 5 of an 11 hour trip!  You too can experience this miraculous family joy for the low price of $8.99 on Amazon.
There are even a couple of "moving ballads they like to belt out.  It's so touching for a mother to hear her children in such harmony.  Well, at least it beats, "Stop touching me!"
As we were nearing Spokane Abe and I did the unthinkable.  We stopped at a historical sight along the way.  Our children assured us they will never torture their children in this manner.  But for all the years we've been married and been driving to Spokane we've never stopped at the Idaho State Park.  The Old Mission was built by the Jesuits in the 1860s and it is the oldest standing building in Idaho.  
It was interesting, but I'll just say it like it is.  My children were not impressed, nor were they terribly well behaved.  In their defense it was an historical sight 10 hours into an 11 hour car trip.  What did I expect?

And then, joy of joys!  We arrived at Jesse and Amy's house and the week long feast of cousins and playtime began!!!
Clark and Alexis.  We like to compare their heights and on our last visit she had him, but his quick growth spurt in the last six months secured his height victory forever!  He can breathe a sigh of relief.
Bye-bye, Bethany!
We'll see you next Monday for the drive home!
She is in heaven with all these girl cousins (there are many more that hadn't arrived yet).  I will most likely not see or speak to her till Monday.
Asher and George are about 3 months apart and although they aren't having too much to do with each other yet, I'm sure that will change over the years.
George Russell with his Uncle Russell.
Our first night driving down the hill Clark's hawkeyes spotted this snake crossing the road.  He yelled, "STOP! Mom, stop the car!"  Before I had the car stopped the boy jumped out of the moving vehicle, ran back up the hill, into the brush (in his stocking feet) and captured "Fox".
And the next night the same thing happened.  Joy of joys!

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Melissa Fox said...

So, I saw the picture of Russell and George on Facebook, and I said, "Who's that?" Russell looked and said, "I have no idea. They just stuck a child in my arms!"

He's gotten SO big in the last year. (George. Not Russell. Well, maybe Russell.)