Friday, July 26, 2013

Such Stuff As Dreams are Made Of

Yesterday Abe, Clark, Bethany and I got into our car and drove out of a dream.  We had just arrived home from a two day dream vacation to the Utah Shakespeare Festival with our dear friends, the Flynns.
No, I'm not kidding.  We really did fly to Cedar City on a private jet!  This was at least half the thrill of this trip.  I loathe flying-- but not in a super posh, quiet private jet.  Ooh, la la.
It was everything I would have imagined it could have been.  In some ways you feel the bumps more, but it seems like a smaller plane can correct itself so much quicker, that it didn't bother me at all.
And I think you'll agree that if your plane is going down then going down in a private jet is even better than going down in first class.  That sounds pretty morbid, doesn't it?  Oh well.
I know you're wondering what does David Flynn do to afford to fly in a private jet-- are you not?  He was the CEO of Fusion-io and is currently CEO of another tech company in Israel.  Google him if you want to know more.  We have been close friends for many years in our homeschooling circles.  Our kids have grown up together and we've had lots of firsts with them.  Now we've had our first private jet flight!
Less than forty minutes later we had landed in Cedar City and one of the first stops was the gift shop.  Knives-- how dangerous!  Interestingly enough, you can totally take your huge dagger-knife on your private flight home and nobody bats an eye.
Wednesday afternoon we saw Love's Labour's Lost set in the Regency Era, so of course, I was in love with the costuming.  Andrea had directed Clark's Shakespeare class in this play a couple of years back so it was very fun to see it done by professional actors.  I'd say it was very comparable to ours:)
We ate dinner at my most favorite restaurant in town-- Centro.  It's a very authentic Italian pizza place and OH MY, YUMMY!  Naughty yummy.  Cannot control myself yummy.  Are you familiar with that kind of yummy?  It is a dangerous thing.
We didn't have a car (didn't need one), rather we enjoyed walking around the charming area surrounding the Festival.  I love where I live and don't want to move-- but I think I could be talked into Cedar City.  It's small town, but with loads of culture.  At least that's how it seems to me--having never actually lived there.
The Green Show before the evening play is great fun and not to be missed.
It was drizzling before the show began so Andrea and I ran back to the gift shop to get these pink windbreakers we'd been eyeing earlier.


Because it stopped raining as soon as we got back to our seats.  That's okay-- there will be other opportunities to wear my jacket.  But will I be matching with my friend?
Wednesday night we saw King John.  Chronologically, this is Shakespeare's first historical play.  And it was a highlight for several of us.  Very well done and Shakespeare in an outdoor theater on a lovely summer evening is simply marvelous.
Then the next day we saw King John in the theater and like the raving lunatic fans that we are, we stalked him and begged for a picture.  He was very gracious.
We appreciate him so much that the Bard is practically a member of the family.  Hee, hee hee.
 But truly, I must thank Andrea for introducing Shakespeare to my children and helping them gain such an appreciation.
Thursday morning was quite leisurely by the pool.
We watched the girls perform various dramatic methods of walking/falling/jumping into the pool.
We saw a matinee of Peter and the Starcatcher which was great fun.  Our play ended around 4:30
Our dream flight home landed at 5:30.

And we woke from our dream as we got into our van to go pick up kids from my parents' house, who were so kind to watch Elinor, Faith, Cannon, and George for two days.
Life at home is pretty dreamy sometimes as well!  Someone was pretty happy to be together again.
And he was too.
Actually, we just grabbed George from Grandma and Grandpa's because the other three were off on a fishing adventure where Cannon emerged the triumphant winner!  Grandpa brought them home late last night.

Thank you to the Flynns for the incredible gift!  And thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for taking care of the other kids.  We are so thankful!

Oh, and thank you to Abe, who was our personal paparazzi, snapping pictures of us at every turn and so thoroughly documenting our trip.
Flying in a private jet and being stalked by the paparazzi-- now I know how Kate Middleton must feel.

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Abe Fox said...

“Are you sure that we are awake? It seems to me that yet we sleep, we dream”

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU - David & Andrea for a Beautiful Dream.

The quote is from A Midsummer Night's Dream.......and yes, I googled it.