Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Fishing Morning

When my dad says he is coming to pick up the girls to go fishing at 5:00 AM he means business.  For the record, the girls were ready to go at 5:00 AM, but Grandpa didn't arrive until 5:02.  That's pretty good timing since he had to drive 35 minutes to our house.

This is not a complaint, merely stating a fact.  My dad never took any of us fishing.  I had no idea he even liked to fish.  But he does a wonderful job of taking grandchildren fishing.  It does make me wonder what fun activities I may enjoy doing once I'm older and have a little more time to spare.
If you are older and reading this and laughing your head off that I foolishly think I may have time to spare someday--please don't tell me otherwise.  You've got to let me dream!

The girls had a great time and caught four fish, which we may or may not actually eat.  But seriously, who cares about eating fish?  It's all about time in nature and more importantly, time with Grandpa.
Elinor was so excited to get to mow the lawn the other day.
I think Abe and Clark were even more excited that she enjoyed it so much in the hopes that it may lesson their workload. 

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