Friday, July 5, 2013

The Fourth Done Right

The Fourth of July started off with a Fox family swim at a local pool.  Here is Clark practicing his racing dive.
Ford, Adam, and Clark.  They are all about a year apart in age.
The synchronized swimmers in a moving display of aquatic grace.
Such fun.
I loved sitting on the side of the pool with my wonderful sister-in-laws.  George tired of the water and sat with me for much of the time.
 There was a really good sized kiddie pool and the little kids had so much fun.
Sadly, the swimming in the big pool was cut short when someone deposited a smelly little something in the pool.  Yucky.  Kind of funny, but yucky.
When we were done swimming we walked right over to a pavilion for lunch.
Uncle Micheal, Adam, and Ford demonstrated how proper military honors were done at a Veterans funeral. It was very well done and quite touching.
Aunt Samatha led the cousins in a patriotic program of music and quotes.
 The family reconvened in the evening for campfire and smores and a family sleep-out on the hill.
The four-wheelers were a constant hit.
Abe and Elinor after their annual four-wheeler ride together   (Abe note: Els was SO pleased to find another HUGE wild turkey feather again this year).
Faith and Eliza were so excited to discover they had matching pajamas.  They slept in Eliza's tent.
More visiting time for me.
Some things happen every year-- like catching toads.
 Grandpa and Bethany......and Toad.
There are train tracks just below the hill and we regularly hear the train whistle.  George has loved it and yells out, "Thomas!" (As in Thomas the Train).  He and I would run around to the front yard to look for the trains.
It is very exciting.
Fun with cousins in the tent.
 Watching everyone else's fireworks from Foxhill.  Beautiful.
Like father...
Like son!

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Amy F. said...

I'm so glad you took all these pictures and documented the reunion for us all! I will be using some of these on my blog too...eventually. The pool was fun! I loved the girls synchronized swimming!