Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We Keep Coming Back

This picture quite accurately captures how the children feel about the Fox Family Reunion.  There are masses of cousins-- some 2nd cousins are included-- and they run around and play games and have very little parental supervision.
This is why, of the nine Fox children, all of them have made some effort to get themselves and at least part of their family there every single year for the past 10 years.
Here they all are, minus the youngest who lives in Spokane and was working late.
The menfolk spend one full day holed-up in a (stinky) hotel room playing D&D.  They have played this role-playing-game together since their childhood and although we wives think it's kind of weird, we do appreciate the bonds they share.  So we cheerfully entertain all the children so they can let their imaginations run wild and fly on dragons and fight trolls and save each others' lives.  Yes, it is good of us.
Russell, the brilliant political scientist and philosopher, flew out from Witchita, KS to be their Dungeon Master.  Their adventure lasted from 6 AM to 6 PM.  After 6 PM the mothers would turn into dragons and cease to be cheerful caretakers of the children.  The dads were wisely very punctual!
Faith and Eliza enjoying the spaghetti feed.  The reunion officially begins today on the 3rd, but most of us were in town on the 1st.  So the three day reunion turns into at least a five day reunion.  It can be a little much at times, but truly, it is a joyous thing.
The golf cart is constantly heavily laden with children-- so dangerous, but so fun!
The nightly mom-walk down the hill.  This is one of the highlights of the reunion for me.  It's time to talk, uninterrupted, with ladies I love and respect and admire in so many different ways.  What a blessing they are to me.
Samatha is the oldest of the Fox children.  When I first married into the family Dad Fox described her to me as the Queen Bee.  And he was right, she has nine children of her own and they are all blessed by their wonderful mother.
Camille is married to Abe's cousin Nathan.  Let me tell you that she is just GOOD.  I mean a really good, good person.  She may have faults-- I think we all do, but she is such a caring, uplifting, beautiful lady.  So glad they join us for the reunions.
Elinor, Grandpa and Annie on the hill the night before the reunion actually begins.


Inspiration Station said...

how fun! We got a kick out of seeing Greg's mutual Fox cousins. Tell them hello for us.

Melissa Fox said...

Thanks so much for putting these up, Betsy (and thank Abe for taking them!). Especially since Russell forgot to bring our camera out...

Amy F. said...

The first picture of the kids is awesome! Those kids are exuberant! In the sibling picture I though, whoa-Jesse is the tallest. Then I realized (classic Fox)he's on his tiptoes. :) I enjoy our mom walks as well!! This was my first without a stroller. Nice!