Sunday, August 4, 2013

All Is Right Again

At the risk of being a big whiner, let me just say it's been a rough week.  A rough month.  I have felt worn down and emotionally unsteady.  Abe has been working  A LOT; for which I am very grateful and I will not complain about.  Clark has been gone so much with camps and activities.  Bethany was so sick.  We are not doing our regular school so I haven't had a full schedule to keep me focused on other things.  In short, I've had too much time to sit around and feel sorry for myself.

But today is better.  Abe is home.  Clark is back.  Bethany is all better.  Church was completely nourishing to my soul.  My family is having one of those magical days where everyone is pleasant and happy to be together.  And I am a mother breathing a deep breath of gratitude for a healing day like today.

Clark arrived home Saturday afternoon with an absolutely glowing report of the 50-miler.  We sent him with a disposable camera and he did an admirable job of documenting the week.  He must be his father's son.  He loved it-- his feet and legs held up well and he had no problem keeping up.  I am eternally grateful for the leaders who take time away from their families to lead these boys on such adventures.
 Bryson was Clark's hiking and tenting buddy.
Can you read the bottom sign?  It says "Betsy Lake".
My man-child thought of his mamma on his hike.
He loves me.
We were all so happy to have him home.  Cannon and George especially were overjoyed.
Elinor had a fun event this week.  Her summer band classes ended and they had a little concert.  It was so much fun to see her playing her trombone which was mine and was her grandpa's.  She did great.  Interestingly, Clark's hiking buddy, Bryson, also played trombone with Elinor in this summer band, but he missed the concert for the 50.
Some of the more advanced kids played an arrangement of Pacabel's Canon in D.  Elinor played the bass chords on the piano along with them.
Cannon celebrating his completion of the library's summer reading program.
It's Christmas in August in our basement.  I'm not sure what prompts such creativity, but I like it.

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Peter Cannon said...

I never thought, when I was marching in the BYU Cougar Marching Band with my CONN trombone, that my granddaughter would one day play it also. I hope Elinor has as much fun with it as I did.

And Clark! The king of the high Uintas. Awesome photos.