Monday, August 26, 2013

Let the Games Begin

Oh, happy day!  The school year has begun.  I think everyone in our house was breathing a sigh of relief.
To be back on a blessed schedule with many things to do to fill our day and lots of mental stimulation.  
Even those who tried to resist...
... had to succumb to first day of school excitement.
Oh, and I started singing a School House Rock song about Adjectives to get this smirk.  "..So I unpacked my adjectives..."  I was immediately asked to leave the room as I was a distraction.
Faith is a 2nd grader this year.  She was so excited to get on with her school work that she couldn't help herself and busted out her handwriting book a couple of weeks ago.  

Totally off topic--- but I would like to point out that for the first time ever in a picture posted on this blog, that my kitchen counter is relatively clean.  Remember that it has happened and you saw it here.
Cannon is a kindergartner.  As usual he had us in absolute stitches today.  More on that when I can get a couple of videos uploaded.
On the advice of her wise mama, Bethany got her violin and piano practicing done first off. 
Elinor is a 5th grader now.  She will be taking an electricity and circuitry class and she can't wait. 
This is the real shocker for me.  Clark started first period release time seminary over at the Jr. High.  We carpool with a neighbor.  I totally admit that I teared up as he and and Kara (another homeschooler) walk down the side walk to their first day of "school".
  Of course he loved it and was just fine.  And so was I.  But it did seem a little strange.
Here's another picture that is wonderful, horrible, beautiful and upsetting all at the same time.  Clark and Bethany went to a back to school dance of vintage dancing this weekend.  They weren't "dates", but they did humor me for the picture.  This image really is more than my mother-heart can take on a day like today.  My cup runneth over.
I know many long days await us this school year and not everyday will run as smoothly as today did, but it was certainly enjoyable. I wanted to put up this post to refer to in February when I've locked myself alone in my room to eat chocolate while mayhem rules downstairs!  

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Gabrielle Kim said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for you that every school day will go this smoothly! Congratulations on your first day back to school!