Monday, September 16, 2013

Pottery Barn

I used to be tormented by Pottery Barn catalogs. 

They would come in the mail and I would lust after the adorable matching furniture, the quality bedspreads, the baskets with monogrammed liners.  I envisioned happy children keeping everything organized with their names in wooden letter blocks on the walls.  They and their friends would play with toys on beautiful, plush floors rugs.

Like I said, I used to be tormented.  Then life happened to me and I grew up.
These three children were so happy to be tucked into bed on the floor by their sweet older sister.   The room was a mess with not a single piece of matching furniture.  Cannon appears to have on matching pajamas, Faith's are way too small and George is sleeping in his clothes. 

 The irony is that they are all covered with a green blanket I bought for Clark when he was about four.  It's from Pottery Barn.  I don't think they're impressed.

These kids almost never go out to eat.  If they ever go to a movie theater it is certainly the dollar theater.  Most of their clothes are hand-me-downs.  Their summer vacations are family reunions.    

There are times I wish we had "more" to give our little people.  But this evening wasn't one of those times.  We had dinner together, followed by a Family Home Evening led by a Priesthood holding father.  We enjoyed big bowls of ice cream and we ecstatically cheered while watching American Ninja Warrior together.   That is really living!


Emily Sanders said...

Amen, amen, amen. When we were planning our home, we couldn't figure out how to get everything. Then it was determined that an unfinished basement would be our boys' bedroom. How many generations of children grew up just fine in an unfinished basement with curtain walls and carpet remnants? I do long for beauty and order, but my definition has changed. Loved this.

Ali said...

I think that with time and life our priorities change ... if they are happy and healthy it doesn't matter what brands they are wearing or how fancy their belongings are. They will still remember their childhood as wonderful because it was full of love!

Kajsa Pace said...

Thanks for the reminder!

Vanessa Brown said...

hahaha I am still a bit tormented by them. But my babies rip them up as soon as I sit down to read them....they are doing me a favor!